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Medicare is based on individual coverage. Unfortunately, you can't be added to someone's Medicare coverage.

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Divorced About to remarry

If your first spouse is still alive and you are not divorced, then you are still married to that spouse and if you remarry it is the crime of bigamy.

He married Elfriede Markovits Geiringer.

Yes, she married George Summer.- Amelia married George Putnam.

Yes, Annie Denver did remarry and have another relationship after her divorce to John Denver. Annie was married to John from 1968 until they divorced in 1982.

No. "Separated" is not "divorced". The married man is still married and must obtain a legal dissolution of the marriage before he can remarry. In most places, marrying a second person while still married is called bigamy, and it is a crime.

if your other half passed away and you were not divorced before he/she died then you can remarry. if your other half is alive and you are married to him/her, then you can not remarry IF you live in Europe and America. in some countried you can have more than 1 wife

If you were married in the Catholic Church and marriage ended in a divorce but not annullled, then, no, you cannot remarry in the Catholic Church. If you are Catholic and were married outside the church by say a justice of peace and marriage ended in a divorce but not annullled, then, yes you can remarry in the Catholic Church, with proper paperwork and oath commitments.

No you can not get married, even if you are legally seperated. You both must be legally divorced to get married.

Vernon Presley was married to Gladys Smith, and after her death he married Devanda Stanley. (Dee)

No, he's still married to Katherine, they are just separated

He didn't. Lincoln only married one time.

Yes, Christopher Columbus was married. He married Filipa Moniz Perestrelo in 1477. She died in 1480 during childbirth. He did not remarry again after that.

The question's a little vague. Usually your previous husband's death certificate would suffice as proof that you are in fact no longer married and free to remarry.

There would have been no reason for Job to be able to remarry, since his wife was still living and she had not committed adultery, so he most likely stayed married to her.

.Catholic AnswerA Catholic may not "remarry" ever if he is still validly married to a living person. An annulment is a Church declaration that no valid marriage ever took place, so that person would be free to marry. If a Catholic is married, he may not remarry anyone as long as he is married. Marriage is lifelong, and that is the way that God made it, and men are unable to change it.

No,she only married once to [Bob Darrin]1961-1968.

Not legally. In order to get a license, you have to swear that you are not currently married.

She married Gerald Ford Sr. in 1916.

Yes, a permanent deacon can be married if already married before ordained. If single he cannot marry after, and if married he cannot remarry if wife passes.

Yes she most definitely can my mother and father did. Of course; a Catholic woman can be widowed and remarry, and Cathoic marriages can be annulled on rare occasions, leaving the woman free to remarry if she wishes.

Yes. Actress Elizabeth Taylor married actor Richard Burton, then divorced him, then married him again.

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