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Bankruptcy only temporarily prevents foreclosure action. A house is considered secure property so it is up to the lender as to what action will be taken, foreclosure or reaffirmation of the loan. The bank would pursue foreclosure and not wage garnishment. If you're in a house you can't afford any longer, sell it. Too many homeowners wait too long. Don't wait for the bank to foreclose.

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When buying a house can you get a larger house loan so you can pay off some of your credit cards and car

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Q: If you are not able to make your house payment do you have to file bankruptcy or will the bank foreclose on the house and not garnish your income?
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Can creditors garnish your child support income?

No, nobody can touch a child support payment. This money is designated for the child and no one else.

How long should a person wait after a chapter 13 bankruptcy is dismissed to file income taxes for that year to guarantee to receive the refund?

You have to file your income taxes yearly regardless of whether you have filed for bankruptcy or not. Yes, IRS may garnish your refunds to pay toward your debts. If your bankruptcy is over however, you don't have to worry about that.

How much can the state garnish for child support arrears?

50% over a normal child support payment, up to 55% of gross income.

Can you stop paying credit cards only income ss?

You should consult with an attorney, but you may be able to. Declaring bankruptcy is one option. It may also be possible that they can't garnish SS income.

In Florida can courts garnish retirement income?

Yes, a court order can garnish retirement income for a legitimate debt.

How are chapter 13 bankruptcy payments determined?

Determined by taking your income and subtracting expenses- anything left over is the required payment.

Can you file bankruptcy with income coming in?

Yes, you can file with an income coming in, which chapter of bankruptcy you file depends on your income

I have a judgment in ca. can they garnish me in fl.?

If you owe money and have a judgment against you, they can garnish your income.

Can the IRS garnish 401k?

yes IRS will garnish 401k because they see it as a income.

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Can the IRS garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit?

Yes, the IRS can, and will, garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit.

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