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ANY HORRIBLE ODOR is not normal and SHOULD be cause for concern. Please contact your health professional! ~ T

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Q: If you are on birth control and before your period you have a horrible odor along with brownish discharge should you be concerned?
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Is it normal to have pinkish brownish discharge while on the 18th pill of birth control pill?

Yeah, I get that sometimes. It's no big deal. :)

Why are you not getting your period but getting only a brown discharge for 6 days?

That probably IS your period, the blood isn't usually red... It often comes out in the form of a brownish discharge, especially if you're young or on birth control.

Why would you have a light brownish discharge with some cramping 4 days after your menstrual cycle?

Could be you are spotting. Especially if on birth control and missed a couple of days.

You had brownish red discharge 4 days prior to what is now a 3 day late period you are on birth control pills could you be pregnant?

If you've had sex, then yes you could be pregnant. However, the brownish color to the blood indicates "old blood" that has been pooling in your vagina. It doesn't mean any one thing. The only way to find out for sure is to take a test or see your OB-GYN if you're concerned.

Whats wrong if i had a period that only went for 4 days and now i have sore stomach and a brownish pink discharge?

it probably means that you are on birth control, and youre normal. that is not something to be worried about.

Brownish discharge one week after period and stopping birth control pills?

There is only one direct answer to this question ,one possible logical answer See your doctor ,it may be nothing it may be something:

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How do you control quick discharge?

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A decrease in vaginal discharge a problem?

A decrease in vaginal discharge can be a problem if it's leaving you dry or if you can't become lubricated enough during sex, it can also sometimes be a symptom of a yeast infection although most commonly it's a result of using hormonal birth control. It is normal to see fluctuations in your vaginal discharge, but if you're concerned about this see your doctor.

How do virgins control discharge when excited?

No one can control discharge. It's a part of our system to keep the vagina healthy. Women have discharge all the time but it changes slightly when it gets closer to the time of having our period. Wether you are a virgin or not have nothing to do with it. Discharge is not linked to the hymen.

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