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You can have pregnancy symptoms before your period starts. People mistaken it for pregnancy a lot. They start to freak out and get stressed out and delay their period even more.

Since you haven't had it in a few months, I would take a pregnancy test just to make sure you're not pregnant. And hope that once you confirm that you're not pregnant, you period will come.

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Q: If you are on constant birth control and doesn't have periods for a few months at a time can it cause pregnancy symptoms?
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What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you're on NuvaRing?

Symptoms of pregnancy on NuvaRing are absent periods and positive pregnancy test.

What are pregnancy symptoms Can you have uti for a symptoms become pregnant?

Breast changes,fatigue, nausea and missed periods are theearly symptoms of pregnancy.

How do you know the symptoms of pregnancy if you are on birth control?

They will be the same as if you were not. Your periods Will stop there is a likelihood of tender breasts and a bloated feeling. however the best way is to do or have a pregnancy test done.

What do i do I am 20 days late on periods and no symptoms of pregnancy and negative pregnancy test?

Go and see a doctor!! Obvious...

Im having heavy periods but symptoms of pregnancy?

miscarriage, that's all i can think of

Irregular periods and pregnancy?

irregular periods and pregnancy

How can you tell if your pregnant when your overweight?

Missing periods, nausea and tender breasts are a few early symptoms of pregnancy.

Why do you use birth control?

Birth control is used primarily as a contraceptive, to decrease periods, and to decrease PMS symptoms

Is backache a symptom of pregnancy before you missed periods?

no it is not if your are pregnant the pregnancy is not progressed enough for back aches but keep a close eye for other symptoms

Can you have pregnancy symptons and not be pregnant?

i have three times noticed that i have all symptoms of pregnancy .every time my periods delay for 15 days and above .but i was not pregnant

You have missed about 5 periods but not had any symptoms of pregnancy whats up with that?

Well first of all you should take a test! Some women do experience periods during pregnancy. Women have gone up to seven months of pregnancy before finding out! Second of al, if you are not your doctor right away. It is probably not a good sign unless you are on a birth control that only gives you just a couple periods a year.

Can you get two normal heavy periods each within 28 days of one another and have no symptoms for ten weeks and still be pregnant?

No. Two normal heavy periods and no symptoms of pregnancy sound like your definitely not pregnant.

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