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No. Your mother (or some other adult) would have to be the primary creditor.

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Q: If you are only 17 can your mother cosign on a new car for you?
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Wife and you on car loan now divoced can you get off loan?

I am dealing with my own drama in a cosign arrangement. I have found that the only way to get your name off of the loan is to have her get a new loan through refinance.

Can you have a person with new credit cosign your loan?

It's up to the lender.

Can you buy a new car while you are in chapter 13 bankruptcy if you have some one to cosign with you?

You can't make any new financial commitments without the approval of your trustee. After that, finding a lender may prove difficult too.

Can I sign my deceased mother's car title to a new buyer?

Did you inherit the car? If so, yes. If you did not inherit the car, then no.

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Can one person on the loan trade it in without the other signing off?

As long as you weren't a registered owner. If they trade the car in, then the trade should be paid off by the dealer where they bought the new car. This is actually good for you, since I'm assuming you didn't cosign the newest car loan. You're off the hook.

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Only if you can afford payments for a new car and your used car is in very bad shape.

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Getting insurance for a classic car is very similar to getting insurance for a new car. The only difference is that it is more expensive to insure a classic car than a new car.

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