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I believe you can, but I think the mature thing to do would be to sit your parents down, no matter how difficult it may seem and tell them everything. Let them know the decisions you have made are your and you feel it would be the most adult, responsible choice for your baby. They may be hurt at first, but darling, I know they will understand and stand behind your decision in time.

If you are serious about adoption I would love to hear back from you as my husband and I have been trying for over 7 years to conceive. Thank you

if you really don't want your parents to know that you are pregnant, then you better hope that you won't have a very big belly. but the smartest thing to do is to tell your parents, even if they are angry with you, they will most likely let you give the child up for adoption. Or if your parents have a really close friend or you know someone then you can give them your child.
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Q: If you are pregnant and under 18 is there any way you can give your child to someone who cannot have children without letting your parents know?
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