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This information is for California since that is where the truck was rented from UHaul. My girlfriend rented it and paid on her credit card. It was for me to use to move the contents of my storage to her house. I was included on the contract as the driver. I declined the insurance they offered for an additional fee and showed proof of my own automobile insurance. I will know more soon because I side swiped a car while using the truck and will hear back from my insurance company tomorrow. I am almost certain that U Haul does not cover renter/drivers for damage to others, only to their own property. Insurance must be purchased at the time of rental or you must have your own policy which will become responsible.

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Q: If you are renting a car and a U-Haul truck do you need to buy insurance or can you use the insurance you have on your car?
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You can get what you need at your local Uhaul location. There are several locations near you.

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