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This information is for California since that is where the truck was rented from UHaul. My girlfriend rented it and paid on her credit card. It was for me to use to move the contents of my storage to her house. I was included on the contract as the driver. I declined the insurance they offered for an additional fee and showed proof of my own automobile insurance. I will know more soon because I side swiped a car while using the truck and will hear back from my insurance company tomorrow. I am almost certain that U Haul does not cover renter/drivers for damage to others, only to their own property. Insurance must be purchased at the time of rental or you must have your own policy which will become responsible.

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What type of insurance does one need for renting a moving truck?

Since your regular car insurance will probably not cover it, you will most likely need to purchase insurance from whomever you are renting the moving truck with.

Where can one find information about Uhaul Truck rentals?

Information about Uhaul Truck rentals can be found at their website. Here you can find all the information you need to find the right truck for you and your budget.

Which car rental places in Houston, Texas offer the rental of a truck?

I think one of the best places to rent a truck is from Uhaul. They have great rates and you can return the truck at a different Uhaul location if you need to.

When renting from a church do you need liability insurance?


Moving Truck Rental ?

form_title=Moving Truck Rental form_header=Make your move as simple as possible by renting a moving truck. Get the help you need from a professional mover. How large of a moving truck will you need? =_ How many rooms are you moving? = {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15} How long will you be renting the truck for? =_

Do I need insurance for a Bus Rental ?

The company you are renting the bus from should have the insurance. You do not need to purchase insurance from a separate company.

What website's shopping advice would enable me to make a decision on local moving companies?

Two men and a truck is a very reliable moving company. They provide enjoyable service at at an affordable price for you. If you only need a truck and not really moving men, then renting a truck from Uhaul or penske is most likely the best way to go.

Do I need special insurance to operate truck trailers?

If you are operating a commercial semi-truck, then you need truck insurance which can be provided by insurance companies such as progressive. Progressive has insurance for all types of trucks and has many coverage options.

What type of insurance do you need to drive a dump truck?

To drive a dump truck the type of insurance you're going to need is commercial truck insurance. But you're also going to need a special license to drive a dump truck as well. Call your insurance provider and they can probably give you more information.

Do you need a CDL license to drive a box truck?

You only need a cdl license while driving a box truck if the gross weight of the truck is 26,001 or more. Most uhaul rental boxes are able to be driven without a cdl.

Where can I rent some truck loading ramps in the Seattle, Washington area?

You can get what you need at your local Uhaul location. There are several locations near you.

Do I need to purchase rental car insurance when renting a car in Georgia?

It is best to call your current insurance company and ask them if they will cover you while renting a car. If not then you can purchase temporary insurance which will cover you while you drive your rental.

Do you need car insurance if you rent a truck?

You do not need car insurance if you rent a truck but, you should have some sort of insurance. If you get hit or cause any damage you will be liable to pay money. There are many rental truck insurance options. If you go with Budget there is a variety of insurance options to choose from.

does avis offer truck rentals?

Avis offers all types of car/truck rentals. You can look on their website here: If you need a moving truck then you should look into a UHAUL.

What is the cost to rent a truck from Home Depot?

One can rent a truck from Home Depot. Howe's truck rental costs $19.95 for an hour. Uhaul costs $100 or so. One just need to check with different company for the duration and size of the truck.

Do I need special insurance to rent an automobile from Hertz rental?

When renting an automobile from Hertz you will be offered the opportunity to take out Insurance for the time that you will be renting the car. It is a good idea to do so since your own auto insurance may not cover specific damages or losses.

Do you need home insurance if you are renting?

Not for the building fabric - that should be the landlords responsibility, but you would benefit from contents insurance (in case you are robbed etc.).

Is it a good idea to get renter's insurance when renting apartments?

Yes, you definitely need renter's insurance if you will be living in an apartment. In case of a fire or damage to the apartment, the building owners insurance will not cover your property. You need your own insurance for your things.

Do you need insurance on a homemade trailer over 1000lbs?

No. In my state, You just need Insurance on the car or truck towing the trailer

Is homeowners insurance required if you are renting the property out?

Homeowners insurance is not the proper policy if you are renting a home to someone else. What you need is a tenant occupied dwelling fire policy with premises liability coverage added to the policy or extended from your homeowners policy from the home you do live in. This is why you need an insurance agent and not a 1-800 insurance company to advise you on your needs and sell you the proper policies.

Can you get insurance for your own moving truck rental business?

You can and you actually need to.

what is the insurance needed when renting a car?

First, if you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own vehicle then check with your own insurance carrier to see if that will automatically extend to the vehicle you will be renting (as that would save you a lot of money). If it does not extend (and you have liability insurance) then you will need to get the rental company's property damage insurance (sometimes called collision damage waiver).

Do you need windstorm insurance if you are renter?

I am renting a trailer and a limb falls on my vehicle while parked on the property who is responsible for the damages

What are the best insurance companies for business vehicles?

Different insurance companies have various policies regarding the insurance your vehicle requires. Depending on the weight of the truck, you may need commercial truck insurance. Check with your current insurer, as it can also differ by state.

How much do UHaul charge to move furniture?

Uhauls charges typically vary. The cost of the service depends on what size vehicle you need, the distance you will be taking it, where you will be returning the truck, and whether or not you bring it back full of gas. Either call your local Uhaul location or go to to get an estimate based on your needs.