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It depends on what state you live in some states consider you a legal adult once you have a baby do some research and see what it says for your state Good luck and God Bless!!! * It is a common misconception that giving birth emancipates a minor. That is not true in any state.

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Q: If you are seventeen and have had a baby can you move out without going to court?
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Can a seventeen year old with a baby legally move out of parents home in california?

Not without parental consent or emancipation by the court. Having a baby does not emancipate you.

Is it legal for a girl with a baby on the way to leave home at age seventeen without parental consent?


Can someone give you a newborn baby without going to court basically can they just give the baby over to me with out legal process my sister wants me to have her unborn child?

No you have to have it legally done, otherwise she can come back anytime and claim the baby back and things are going to get messy. The baby will need you as a parent on the paper. Are you going to adopt her baby or fostercare? Call a adoption agency if you are going to adopt.

Can you get married at seventeen when you already have had a baby without parent consent to your babies father?

You will need parental consent until you are 18. There are some states that will issue a marriage license to a 17 year old if there is either a court order or a doctor's statement.

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Are you considered a minor at seventeen if you have a baby?


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If the father does not sign the birth certificate because the baby does not have his last name and baby goes with him can he keep the baby?

Not without a court order see link

Can a UK citizen who married an Australian and had a baby come home to UK with the baby to live without her husband?

ONLY if the baby has NOT been made a ward of court !

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What if your seventeen and pregnant but the father says hes going to leave if you keep the baby?

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What is the best way for a seventeen year old girl to tell her parents that she is pregnant?

1st think about what you want!! If you are going to keep the baby as your own, then I would write them a letter.

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If a girl under the age of eighteen is pregnant in Texas can she get emancipated without her parents' consent?

If the court allows it. She would have to apply to the court with the documentation showing how she is going to take care of the baby and herself and why she doesn't need her parents' support. The court will look at the facts and the situation, take into account the parents concerns and make a decision.

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