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If you're going a dedicated car lease transfer website, the timeframe can usually vary from 10 days to 6 weeks. This is because there is paperwork that needs to be transferred and disseminated between at least three parties - the lease seller, the lease buyer, and the finance company.

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Q: If you are taking over a car payment lease this month how long would it take for you to let someone else take over your lease car payments?
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Can a coporation deduct a lease payment?

Yes, corporations can deduct lease payments. Property lease payments and vehicle lease payments are deductible in the year paid or accrued.

Will The Lease Payments Be Fixed Or Variable?

Sure, all the payments are invariable and they will not change. There will be no surprises with a higher payment later.

Can someone lease a car and someone else make the payments?

Yes, all the bank cares about is that someone is making the payments.

Are executory costs included in aggregate lease payments?

No we will not incurred executorycosts in aggregate lease paymentsMinimum Lease payments : Minimum rental payments + guaranteedresidual value + penaltyfor not renewing or extending lease + bargainpurchase optionMinimum rental payments: Regular payment to lessor, exc'lexecutorycosts (,maintenance, tax).

What are the booking entries for operating lease payments?

increase rent expense by payment amount (debit) reduce cash by payment amount (credit)

How can you use a lease payment calculator to figure out what your monthly mortgage payment will be?

Go to website and open the page containing 'TCalc Financial Calculators' page from the site's 'Product' menu. There you will find the Lease Payment Calculator where you have to enter the Lease Amount, Lease Rate, Residual Amount, Lease Term and Number of Advance Payments. After that, click on the 'Compute' button to get the amount.

Can I lease a truck for someone else?

You cannot lease a truck for someone else, unless you have a commercial lease on a vehicle. You could lease a truck, but the title must be in your name. You can certainly make payments for someone else, but the credit will always go towards the lessee.

How do I get to the Aarons lease payment website?

aaron lease payment

What are the penalties for breaking an auto lease?

Most auto lease agreements have a chart showing the number of months/payments remaining and the "fee" for breaking the lease. Sometimes it is a number times the monthly lease payment amount. Like, 1 year remaining on a 4 year lease may be 7 times the payment or something like that for penalty.

Where can you find an online lease payment calculator?

Online Lease Payment Calculators can be found on multiple car and insurance websites. For example, car sales websites will have a calculator to determine monthly payments and overall interest on a car for sale.

How does a car payment calculator determine its answers?

A payment calculator determines how much you pay by calculating you detailed payments, taxes and total lease. With that information it chooses the quantity.

Is a tenancy buyout payment taxable income?

IRC Section 1241 specifies that payments received by the lessee for the cancellation of a lease are to be treated as a payment in exchange for the sale of the lease. Assuming you were using the property (as opposed to holding it in inventory, for example you were a real estate broker), the lease would be a capital asset. So the payment would be a capital gain (long or short term depending on how long you held the lease).

If lease is discounted for one time payment can that income be amortized for tax purposes over life of lease?

This will depend on your accounting method that you use. If you are a cash basis business, then it is recognized when lease payments are received. If accrual, you could justify amortizing the payment but I cannot imagine why you would want to. I am assuming you are lessor in your question and not the lessee. If you are the one leasing the property, you cannot take a deduction for a lease payment you did not make.

Will My Payments Increase In Between The Term Of The Lease?

No. Your payments are locked in for the complete term of the lease. However, in case the tax rates increase, then on that way it will affect your payments.

Where can one go to auto lease a vehicle?

You can lease a car from most dealerships. You can only lease new vehicles and not every vehicle is available to be leased. To lease a car you simply make a small down payment. Usually less than 20% of the cars value. Then you make monthly payments for the rest of the lease. When the lease expires you have to return the car.

How Much Down Payment Is Required In Equipment Leasing Agreement?

It depends if you are a start-up or not. In some instances a down payment can be a requirement for leasing equipment. Usually the minimum down payment would be equal to two monthly lease payments.

What is the difference between finance lease and installment paying?

When you enter into a retail installment sales contract for the purchase of a vehicle, your down payment and your monthly payments go toward the total purchase price of your vehicle. When you have paid off the financing, you own your car. When you lease a vehicle, you make payments to use the vehicle over the term of your lease. However, you don't own your car. At the end of your lease, you return it to the lessor.

Why would you use a lease payment calculator?

A lease payment calculator is used to find out what an auto lease will really cost. It takes into account the MSRP, the negotiated price, the down payment, sales tax, length of lease, the end of lease car value, and new car lending rate, as well as the lease time.

How does a late payment on an apartment lease affect your credit rating?

Late Payment on Apartment LeaseA lease will not show on your credit report; unless there was a judgment against you.

Can you swap a lease within a month of signing?

After registering your car online, and someone is interested in taking the lease off your hands then there wouldn't be a problem with swapping the lease within a month.

You are trying to get out of your lease Under the amendments to the lease section says This lease will not be in effect until all pymts are made you have not made all the payments Is your lease valid?

What payments are you referring to? It sounds as if the clause refers to the preliminary payments that are often secured PRIOR to allowing the tenant to move in and the lease actually going into effect (i.e.: security deposit - pet deposit - utility deposits - etc). If you've been living there and the payments you are referring to are your rental payments - too late - the lease is already in full effect.

Do factors like down payment and the security deposit that has to be paid upfront on an asset have a major influence on a lease or loan option?

Large down payments or security deposits will increase the net present value (NPV) of the loan or lease option. If either the lease or the loan requires a large security deposit or down payment, this will increase the NPV of that option making the other option more appealing. This is due to the devaluing of money over time. If a large down payment is required upfront, that amount of money is not devalued. Payments, as time goes by, are less valuable.

Can you lease a car after you have had a previous reposession?

Doubtful. Once someone has gone through a repo, they are now 'at risk' as the agreed upon payments were not met as set forth in the agreement that both the lender and buyer signed in good faith. There are exceptions I presume ... perhaps a leasing agency may grant a new lease, but will require a higher monthly payment. The trick is to pay the lease on time no matter what ... just a couple months of late payments can and will affect your credit history for many many years.

Why are lease payments included in numerator of fixed charge coverage ratio?

because lease payment is deducted as expenses in profit and loss statement. So while calculating this ratio again we have to add it to earnings before interest and tax

How do you record Obligations under capital lease contracts?

When you book the capital lease, record the asset at its fair market value or the present value of minimum lease payments, whichever is less. The capital lease obligation is recorded at the same amount. Minimum lease payments include all rental payments required during the term of the lease plus any residual value guaranteed by the lessee. They also include any payment the lessee must make for not renewing or extending the lease, including a requirement to purchase the asset. They do not include any guarantee of the lessor's debt by the lessee, contingent rentals, or any penalty for which the term of the lease has been extended. They also do not include the portion of the rent payments which represent executory costs, such as insurance, taxes, and maintenance, and any related profit. Sources: SFAS No. 13; RIA Checkpoint