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If you are underweight when do you think you would start showing?

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Your breasts may be tender ( hence a little bigger) but in reality the pregnancy is probably a liitle bigger then the punctuation at the end of this sentence. You start to "show " usually in the second trimester.

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I think that's really underweight!

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What is the weight to be underweight for an 11 year old?

If you are underweight you would be 55 to 65 pounds

How do underweight kids lose weight?

Why would an underweight kid want to lose weight anyways? That's not healthy!

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Would a person be overweight or underweight if they don't have a lot of vili's?

Abscence of villi would lead to malabsorption of essential vitamins and fats. So, ideally, a person would be underweight and malnourished.

If I am 5'8 i weight 120 lbs am i underweight?

Techinically, your BMI (Body Mass Index) would be just above 18, so a little underweight. (Underweight begins at lower than 18.5.)

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no, it is a good healthy weight, 110lbs for 5,3 and a bit would be underweight so watch it....

How long until underweight If ur 5'6 144lbs and not completely bot eating but eating very little?

Why would you want to be underweight? You should eat normally silly.

Is a baby considered premature if it is underweight at birth?

No way it would have to be at a perfect weight

How healthy are you if your a girl with a visable ribcage showing on your body and your arms are thin and soft?

You can still be perfectly healthy, you're just a little bit underweight. A few push ups and pieces of fruit would help work muscle into those arms.

Would a person be overweight or underweight if they had small intestine that has fewer villi then normal?

he would be fine! :D

Is 70 pounds overweight for a twelve-year-old girl?

I think it all depends on the height. I wouldn't think a 12 year old would be under 4ft and a person at 4ft tall weighing 70lbs is not at all overweight. depends on the height. 12 yr old girls are usually 5"0-5"5; and so the weight avg. would be.. 95-110 lbs. 70 lbs would be basiclly underweight. OMG OMG! I'm 11 and I'm 90 lbs and people think I'm underweight!

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What if your son is 12 and weighs 37.4kilos is he underweight?

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You are 5 foot 0 and you weigh 95 pounds Are you underweight?

I would say that you are average!

Would you be considered underweight if you weighed 100lbs and your only 5' 2?

not really

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What should my bmi be at the age of 13 with a height of 54' and the weight of 6 stone 3lbs. my bmi is 14 and i am wondering how underweight this is?

Your BMI would be 14.9, which is underweight. Anything less than 18 is considered underweight. To be in the "ideal" weight range for a height of 5'4'' or 164 cm would be about 120-130 lbs, or 54-59kg, or about 9 to 9.5 stone.