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No. Once you sign the papers, there is no buyer's remorse law (the 3 day rule) on vehicles. Sure, they would probably give a good deal buying your a used car with little mileage on it. But it is a used car the minute you drove it off the lot and probably lost several thousand dollars worth of value.

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Q: If you bought a brand new car and your not happy with what they did can you take the car back to the dealership?
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What causes the headlights to periodically flicker on a 2005 Trailblazer?

I have an 2005 and the headlights on it will dim, and then brighten back to normal. I bought it brand new, and it has done it since I bought it. I actually took it back to the dealership, and asked them about it, and they said that Chevy knew that it would do that, but that the car would keep running, and that there was nothing that they could do about it. Hope this helps.

Why is your brand new scooter leaking gas?

If your brand new scooter, is brand new, don't mess with it, take it back to where you bought it - you are liable to ruin the warranty if you mess with it.

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Go back to the lights page and it will say remove under the one you bought.

I have a question about a car I bought from a dealership,for $2,050 dollars.I bought it January 24,2009,and it quit running Feb,14what can I do about it?

I would go back to the dealer right away and explain the situation. See what they can do for you.

If I purchase a vehicle in CA and get a 3 year warranty do I have to go back to the purchased state to have work done or can I do it at my local NV dealership?

You will have to read the warranty, but most new cars can be serviced at any dealership selling the same brand.

What do you do if you bought a car and the transmission line came out causing the transmission to blow?

If you have a warranty, take it back to the dealership for repair. If you don't have a warranty, then you are responsible for all repairs.

You bought a car and it has a lot of problems the dealership will not give you your trade in back after you had the new car less than 24 hours what do you do?

Visit Car Lemon Com, to find out what the laws are in the state where the car was bought.

How do you know what brand of acoustic guitar you have?

Well, if you bought it new it should have told you what brand it is. If you got it used on Ebay or a pawn shop then you can usually look at the back of the neck at the bottom and see a brand. If there is no brand you can probably take it to an expert or something.

Can your car be repossessed if you bought it from a dealership but never received a contract?

I really cant answer that, but in my opinion it would be smart to go back and see if you can get some kkind of proof of ownership

Can you give an example of sentence using the word wasn't?

He wasn't happy with the new car, so he brought it back to where he had bought it.

How do i get my 1990 Honda accord's radio to stop saying code?

You will need a radio code, and the procedure necessary, to input the code into the radio. If you bought the car used, you will have to contact a Honda dealership with the VIN number for your car, in order to find out what the code is, that you need to program into the radio. They may tell you to bring it back to the dealership where you bought it. But if the dealership is not a HONDA dealership, that will not help. Nor if you bought it from a private party, can you do that. OBviously! I had to do the same thing on a 1995 Honda Odyssey minivan that I owned a couple of years ago. Although they did not want to do it at first, they complied once they realized they were my only avenue to find out the radio code. --Tom.

Can you get a refund on a car insurance policy if the car has been given back but you keep paying for the insurance?

Assuming you mean the vehicle you purchased was given back to the dealership you bought it from then yes. Be prepared to submit to your insurance company proof of these transactions, either in the form of title transfer records or a letter from the dealership outlining the details of your transaction.

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