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You are a big hearted person to buy and finance a car for your ex. Not smart but big hearted anyway. Why didnt you take the time to CYA with a repo clause?? Couldnt find a real contract to copy?? Anyway, you have 2 choices;BE big hearted AND smart and GIVE the EX the car. Best choice. Next time, get a real contract.NO. 2. Take the car, ex is broke(behind), cant fight you in court, kickem while they are down. yeah, you can repo the car. good Luck.

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Q: If you bought a car for an ex can you repo the vehicle that you am the lienholder of if the payments are 60 days behind?
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Your father died and had just bought a new vehicle what happens with this vehicle will the bank take it out of his estate?

The bank can repossess the car if payments are not made.

Is it legal for the dealership where you bought your car to list someone else as the owner?

Assuming you are referring to the Bill of Sale, then the purchaser(s) of the vehicle should be the ones named with the lender being the lienholder until the vehicle is paid for.

Can a company repossess your vehicle if your payments are up to date?

Not legally, but if you bought the car from Barney's backyard sales & mower repair, maybe.

How can you title a bankrupt car?

Cars don't go bankrupt - people, on the other hand, do - sometimes because of the car they bought. If you failed to make the payments on it, you have no right to the title - the lienholder does, as well as the right to repossess what is their property. So the short answer is that you don't.

If you bought a car and the title and loan are in your name but you allowed a friend to take over and now the friend has stopped making payments can you take the vehicle back?

As long as the title and loan are in your name the car is yours. Any payments missed will effect your credit. Take the vehicle back, now.

If you bought a vehicle and you still owed money on it can you sell it to some one and have them take over the payments?

It is not a good idea. If that person does not make any payments then you are on the hook. The ownership can not be changed anyway, because it is listed as security under a registry.

You have been making payments on a vehicle for over 2 years vehicle and insurance is in parents name and they stole it what are your rights?

Not really enough information to answer the question. What was your age when you 'bought' the car? What is your age now? If under legal age - are you legally emancipated? Whose name was the vehicle titled in? Who was the vehicle registered to by the DMV? (????)

You have bought a used vehicle and discovered that it is not in good condition?

Bought a used vehicle but discovered that it is not in good condition, what should i do?

How do you know if your lender bought your mortgage as a bad debt?

Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.

You bought a car with gmac through finance after one month you realized that you made a mistake as you could not afford to meet the monthly payments what should you do?

First see if you can get the vehicle financed for a longer period of time, thus lowering your payments. If you can not do that then call the finance company and see if they can help some other way. Last, you may have to give the vehicle back.

How long do you have to return a used vehicle that just bought today in south dakota?

If it is a used vehicle and the contract states that you bought it "as is", you can not return the vehicle. Unless you were somehow misled as to the deal, the vehicle, or the contract, and can prove it, you can not return the vehicle.

If you have an order to make mortgage payments in Lieu of childsupport What if you fall behind on the payments Is it contempt?

It may be. More importantly, do you want your child to be homeless? If you fall far enough behind on the mortgage payments the mortgage company could foreclose ... and then where would your child be? More likely, your state will go to your employer to garnish your wages for the payments to make sure you fulfill the arrearage and stay on time with future payments. Answer these questions for yourself: are your car payments on time? are your rent/mortgage payments on time? have you bought yourself any clothing in the past couple months? have you bought any gifts for others in the past couple months? have you gone out to eat in the past couple months? If your answer to any of these is YES, then tighten your belt, grow up, lose the self-indulgence and act like an adult ... a parent. Short of significant physical injury or illness beyond your control, you will face consequences.

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