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It is possible to refinance "out of equity" and take a loan that is more than the home is worth in certain cases. I don't recommend this option. If you were forced to sell your home because your job is relocating you, or you can no longer afford the payments, you are then in a very bad position. In order to sell you will have to come to the closing table with money.

The first thing I would do is contact your current company and see if they have a fixed rate conversion option without doing a full refinance. Some lenders will charge you a fee to convert an adjustable rate to a fixed rate. If they want you to refinance, you are better off shopping around. Your current mortgage company will not give you any breaks to refinance.

The other option is to have an appraisal done closer to the time the adjustment will happen. You may be able to get a more favorable value.


If you are in a situation where you have no equity there are still a select lenders that are financing 100% of the appraised value. I personally have two lenders that will lend 115% to an "A" paper borrower. Having negative equity is never a great thing to have, but if your back is against the wall and you plan on staying in the property for the long term, this may be the only feasable option. Having negative equity negates the detrement of missing a mortgage payment and having a poor credit history. If you credit is healthy now, and you plan on staying in the property for the long term, refinance as soon as possible. If you need to relocate due to job displacement, maybe consider using the property as a rental rather than selling. Use the money you would have brought to the settlement table to knock off your principal and get a good tenant in the building. Selling without equity should not be an option unless your in dire straits. Also, Finding an FHA approved lender will greaten your chances of being able to refinance. The new FHA "secure" that was implemented by George W Bush was implemented(pending Jan 2008) for home owners with little equity and adjustable rate mortgages that will expire. In this current mortgage market FHA is the only way to go to get a low equity or ARM fixed at a competive interest rate. Even if you miss a payment after the loan adjusts this will not be counted as long as the payment history prior to the rate adjustment is a 0x30 rating (No lates in 12-24 months) FHA would be you best option if you need to refinance.

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