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You cannot import adobe illustrator files using the indesign CS 6.

Spooling is basically a means of saving information that cannot be handled immediately. For instance, when printing a document, the document has to undergo a conversion process. This can often be a lengthy process when printing directly to the printer, thus a print spooler handles the actual conversion and queues your document ready for printing when the printer is ready. This allows you to continue working while the spooler works in the background.

mono-priniting is a form of printmaking, that has images of lines that cannot be exactly be reproduced. there are a lot of techniques of monoprinting

You can add photos to your background only. Others background cannot be changed via your account. Changing themes can do the work for you.

You cannot add facebook background. You can only add Facebook cover photo and profile picture. Background is added on Twitter.

WikiAnswers cannot read your mind to know what your background may be. You will have to figure out for yourself what things in your background will help you with a new position.

Yes because you cannot get rid of what has been printed on the paper

You can see the moon during the day, it is just harder because the background sky is brighter. You cannot see the stars because the background is brighter than they are.

I guess so. If you fail the background check, they cannot return it to you and they cannot let anyone redeem a firearm that was pawned by someone else.

Screensavers are a type of video file (sort of) which plays fullscreen after a period of inactivity. A desktop background cannot contain videos, it must be a picture. So you cannot make your screensaver your background, but you can try and find a corresponding picture on the internet.

You can either set a colour or choose a background image, you cannot do both.

No. However, if you cannot pass a background check, it is illegal for you to possess a gun or ammunition for a gun.

Themes are the only ways of changing the background color. It cannot be changed manually as such.

No. You can print HTML pages and its code, but you cannot initiate printing with HTML itself.

if you have a theme installed, you cannot change your background in any way. but if you do not have a theme installed, you go to dashboard>preferences>customize>appearance> then there should be a button that says Upload Background Image

Google's Background cannot be changed. It is a search engine whose homepage is designed by developers. The homepage of Google is one of the most opened page.

You cannot. You display JSP Pages using the help of Servlets. Servlets are of the background classes and you cannot display them

You cannot change the black background on the home screens, unless you jailbreak your iPod and download the app called "Winterboard" which allows the user to place their lock screen wallpaper as a background on the home screens.

Actually both come handy and it all depends on the situation you are facing. There is no doubt Photoshop is king when it comes to graphic design for mostly anything. But InDesign is more to get publications together. Think of the pages and text of a publication like a magazine where all these elements come together. Photoshop cannot do this, at least not in an easy way. I should add that I like to use Illustrator for logos and I combine the power of Photoshop most of the time too. Basically you are "bridging" the 2 programs for your advantage. You can also use Photoshop and InDesign together, or Photoshop and Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, etc. As you get good you will know what works for you and what saves you time.

Hugely! Not even the most popular US TV show cannot match its success!

It maybe due to the colour cartridge and the colour of the excel cells. A virus cannot change the colour of a print out

Ink catridges for non impact printers are very costly..multipart stationary cannot be used thus duplicate printing cannot be simultaneously performed.

I assume it's a restaurant. You cannot do background check for a restaurant. Check for a lawyer to do background check on people - not a restaurant.

A printing technology that was developed by Al Bernstein who was an artist. The image is drawn or painted on a carrier template or film. Subsequently, the printing forms, the color separations of the motive, are cut and stung in the positive negative procedure. During the printing-process color is brushed by hand through the printing forms and fixed afterwards. There is practically no limitation of the size, the number of the colors, or hand pulled prints. In comparison to industrial screen printing, a Pigmentograph cannot be automated. It remains a pure hand pulled artprint with by hand made forms, a Polyautograph.

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