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If you divorce a Canadian citizen living in the us who gets custody of the kid?

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That depends on the judge. Normally in the US the mother is given custody. Although there is a trend of joint custody. It's no different than being married to a US citizen. My sister was married to Canadian and she was given full custody. It is always best to work out the arraingment with the ex.

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If a US citizen is married to a Canadian citizen and they are separated and living in their respective countries which one should file for divorce and where should they file?

It would probably be easiest in the country where you were married. Also, if everybody is in agreement, get an "uncontested" divorce. They are much easier and cheaper.

What divorce law do you go under if one married an Austrialian and the other is a Canadian citizen living in Singapore wanting a divorce?

Probably Singapore, but check with a Lawyer, you don't want to make a mistake. "I thought I was divorced...."

I am a Canadian citizen living in America am i coverd by health plan?


You are a Canadian citizen living in the US where do you go to obtain a Canadian passport?

Nearest Canadian embassy or High Commission.

Can Canadian citizen apply for us green card?

how can i get a US green card, I am a Canadian citizen and are living and working in the US with a TN visa.

Can a woman who is a Mexican citizen living in Mexico file for divorce from her husband who is living in the US?


Does a Canadian citizen living abroad need SAT exam to enter a Canadian College or university?


How do you divorce a Canadian while living in the US?

Go to canida and get divorced

Child is a US citizen mother is Indian citizen father is US citizen who gets custody?

The custody issue would probably depend on the country in which it is tried and where the child resides. It is likely that the child will remain in the country he or she is living in.

Will a British citizen become a Canadian citizen by marrying a native Canadian?

No, they cannot. The Canadian spouse must sponsor the immigration. After living 3 years out of the past four years in Canada, then they can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Who can vote on laws in Canada?

Any citizen 18+ that is a Canadian citizen. Oh if you lived in ancient Greece you had to be a male citizen living in Athens.

As a Canadian if you get married in Mexico must you go to Mexico for a divorce?

No, you can file for divorce in whatever jurisdiction or country you are currently living in.

How does a US Citizen living in Brazil divorce a Brazilian?

Consult with an attorney who specializes in divorce, who can review your situation in detail and explain your options.

Why become a Canadian citizen?

A person would become a Canadian citizen if they feel they would like to become a permanent part of the country. This includes voting in elections, living, working, and spending their life there.

Am Canadian living in US want to marry Australian citizen Can I become Australian citizen?

Your spouse would be able to sponser you for Australian citizenship

If you are a Canadian citizen and us permanent resident living in the US can you go to school in Canada?

Yes you can.

Does William Shatner have dual residency in Canada and the US?

Yes, he does. He is a Canadian citizen living in the US.

As a dual Canadian-US citizen am I eligible for Canadian health care?

As long as you are living in Canada and have citizenship you qualify for health care.

If have American passport but living in Canada as Canadian citizen can leave Canada?

In proper english, yes. If you're really a Canadian citizen then you'd have a Canadian passport. The only reason you wouldn't be allowed to leave Canada is to go to certain 3rd world or war-torn countries. The American government can't stop you from leaving Canada if you're a Canadian citizen.

Can a Canadian citizen living in the US Open a bank account in Canada?

One would hope so!

Us citizen married in Iran wife has green card living in California and she filed for divorce what is she entitled?

I'm a u.s. citizen and i got married in Iran under the Islamic law, my wife now has a green card and we live in California where she has filed for divorce, can i take her back to Iran and get a divorce or can she divorce me here and take my money?

Can a Canadian citizen living in Texas with a work visa own a gun?

Every permanent citizen has the right to bear arms, which is why America is such a great place... To get shot..

Can a dual American Canadian citizen who is living in Canada move to the us and sponsor their Canadian husband or fiance to get a green card?

Absolutely. Just contact the INS.

How do Zimbabweans living abroad get a divorce?

How do Zimababweans living in the UK get a divorce? How do Zimababweans living in the UK get a divorce?

Can mother claim for her child from her husband after divorce?

Only if the child is living with her and she has rightful custody. If the child isn't living with her or she has no right to him it would be considered fraud since she isn't supporting him in anyway.

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