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Limewire is free. If you've paid for "technical support" for the program from a secondary company you've been ripped off. Limewire uses the Gnutella network, which is monitored by anti-P2P companies. They don't like it when you're sharing the latest movies/games etc. If you share small unknown bands, freeware programs etc., in small quantities, your chances of being served an order are slimmer than if for example you share everything in the Top 100. If you're caught sharing lots of copyrighted popular music/movies/games, the best case scenario is you may be served a cease-and-desist from your ISP to stop sharing particular copyrighted works or your connection may be terminated. Worse case scenario (which seems to be really popular at the moment) is you are served a court order by the RIAA, MPAA, or another copyright association and are asked to settle out-of-court, possibly losing a few thousand $ in the process. The program is free, accessing the network is free and downloading is free. but if you are caught sharing certain copyrighted works, you stand to lose thousands of $. and are good resources for P2P news and advice.

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Q: If you download LimeWire will you ever have to pay anything?
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On LimeWire do you only pay once a year or do you pay for every song?

You download Limewire Basic Free? You pay for nothing, ever.

Will you have to pay to download songs from LimeWire?


Is it okay to download song from LimeWire?

Limewire is a illegal website, that you can choose to either download them illegally or pay for them.

Any suggestions on how to download free imesh or LimeWire when they want you to pay?

Limewire is free to download, you only have to pay for the faster edition. Go to the limewire site and download the basic version. Jim( it works well but is a bit slower)

What program can you download for free that you dont have to pay anything to download music movies videos ect?

limewire. its pretty good but watch for viruses! i know of nothing better.

When you download i tune do i have to pay?

Just download them illegally mate,, Limewire or summit, its free :)

Where can you download LimeWire Pro totally for free?

See the Related Link.AnswerGo to www.freelimewirepro/download.comits where you dont pay a cent for limewire pro, eveni think its bull that you have to pay for pro, so theres the limewire pro free download site.

How do you record music to your mp4also how can i download songs from my computer to my mp4?

To do this just go onto limewire. One type of limewire is free and the other type you have to pay. you download the music of limewire to your computer and then download it to your mp4. HOPE THIS HELPS

When you download a song do you pay for the music as well as download Kb?

if you have payed online yes but if you download a program like limewire you dont pay for either .

Free LimeWire download?

Yes i have posted a limewire pro 5.3.6 if you download it from you willl have to pay so insted get it from woth mac vista windows 7 and xp So Download it nowwww

If you want to download something on LimeWire will it notify you if its illegal or not?

the whole of limewire is illegal even if you pay because the money doesn't go to the artist

How do you download tracks from traxsource using LimeWire?

You dont. You go to the store and pay for the cd.

If you download songs illegally and want to pay after-the-fact to avoid a lawsuit how do you go about it?

copy the songs from limewire to a folder on your desktop then delete the songs from limewire :)

If you download LimeWire on one computer can you get it on a second one without having to pay again?

limewire was a free service, but currently there is no way to download or use the limewire service. there is another service for people who want to get free MUSIC on their iPods illegally, but watch out for FROST bite.

Where can you download free waltzes?

Answer Have you tried to download Limewire. com. This is a free download so don't get suckered into paying for it. They tried to get me to pay I just went to different sites till I got it free. At any rate on Limewire there are millions of songs to download, maybe the songs you are looking for are there. Good luck

Is LimeWire illegal if you pay for it?

Limewire itself is legal, but downloading for free is not. if you pay for it, its ok.

Do you need a license for LimeWire?

Not at all, Limewire is a file sharing program which scans the internet for music, video and picture files ect. it just cut out the looking which saves a huge ammount of time. You will need to be connected to the internet. You can download Limewire from: Limewire pro and extended pro you will have to pay for but the basic version (and the best) is free.

If you pay for LimeWire Pro a yearly fee is it still a illeal site to download songs?

Correct. Purchasing Limewire PRO only enables you to use "Turbo-charged" connections. It does not give you any additional rights to download the music found on the network.

What is the website to download free songs? have to pay for the songs Limewire is no longer available AOL is the best place I can suggest

Download Linkin Park video song?

You can either pay for it, find the music video online and use to rip it or you can use limewire and download it... whatever.

Do you have to download anything or pay anything to get a pivot stick figure animation?

please answer

Where can you find a free download of undertaker's your going to pay?

Try searching the music section of a P2P program such as: Kazaa, LimeWire, FrostWire etc.

What programs can you use to download music?

I use some people use limewire or bearshare or itunes it depends if you want to pay for the music.

If you download LimeWire and you pay for it does it still give you a virus?

yes because the song is downloaded from the other computer, and when you do that it also downloads any virus that may attach itself to the file... my advice is if you are willing to pay for limewire pro then you should just buy the songs off of iTunes.

Where is the best place to donwnload music to your ipod apart from itunes?

Try Limewire at WARNING: Do not pay for the 'better' versions of Limewire, it is a scam. Just choose the basic model. Also, do NOT download copyrighted tracks.