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If you download LimeWire will you ever have to pay anything?

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June 06, 2005 3:17PM

Limewire is free. If you've paid for "technical support" for the program from a secondary company you've been ripped off. Limewire uses the Gnutella network, which is monitored by anti-P2P companies. They don't like it when you're sharing the latest movies/games etc. If you share small unknown bands, freeware programs etc., in small quantities, your chances of being served an order are slimmer than if for example you share everything in the Top 100. If you're caught sharing lots of copyrighted popular music/movies/games, the best case scenario is you may be served a cease-and-desist from your ISP to stop sharing particular copyrighted works or your connection may be terminated. Worse case scenario (which seems to be really popular at the moment) is you are served a court order by the RIAA, MPAA, or another copyright association and are asked to settle out-of-court, possibly losing a few thousand $ in the process. The program is free, accessing the network is free and downloading is free. but if you are caught sharing certain copyrighted works, you stand to lose thousands of $. and are good resources for P2P news and advice.