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You can activate Windows automatically without calling if you are connected to the internet, assuming your hardware hasn't changed.

2017-03-04 21:20:17
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Calling the company

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What is the fastest way to contact the Microsoft Help Desk?

The fastest and easiest way to contact the Microsoft Help Desk is by calling their phone number, a 1-800 number given when visiting the Microsoft Website.

Where can I get help from Microsoft?

Microsoft help to me would be calling some phone number for a person to answer your question. Another would be the chat thing they ofter you. That is two ways for you right there.

Where can one purchase a Microsoft lifecam?

The Microsoft Lifecam is a popular model of webcam used by computer owners for such purposes as video-calling and recording. They can be purchased from any computer store.

Is Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word the same?

Microsoft Word is a component of the Microsoft Office system. Beginning with the 2003 version, the branding was revised to emphasize Word's identity as a component within the Microsoft Office system. Microsoft began calling it Microsoft Office Word instead of merely Microsoft Word. The 2010 version is branded as Microsoft Word, once again. The current versions are Microsoft Office Word 2007 for Windows and 2008 for Mac. In late 2009, Microsoft released the beta version of Microsoft Word 2010.

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a proprietary presentation program developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office system, and runs on Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS computer operating systems. PowerPoint is widely used by business people, educators, students, and trainers and is among the most prevalent forms of persuasion technology. Beginning with Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft revised the branding to emphasize PowerPoint's place within the office suite, calling it Microsoft Office PowerPoint instead of just Microsoft PowerPoint. The current version is Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. As a part of the Microsoft Office suite, PowerPoint has become the world's most widely used presentation program

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You heard that the xbox 360 E76 error is caused by Ethernet but i do not have Ethernet and you still get the problem. What do you do?

Troubleshoot your problem by calling Microsoft at 1-800-4MY-XBOX

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You can do *67 on your phone and then it blocks your number. Its helpful for when you are prank calling because they can't track your number. Me and my friend did that and we prank called for hours calling people and resturants and gas stations and everything!!

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Well you can check Sprint or ATT but if you buy Unlimited Texting with ATT you get free unlimited calling.

What is the windows name for a dos directory?

Microsoft started calling directories 'Folders' about the time that Windows 95 was written. People who still call them directories probably know how to use Edlin.

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What is the phone number of Microsoft support?

The phone number will depend on your country of residence.I am certain you don't wish to be shocked with a high phone bill for calling a long distance telephone number.You can find the official telephone number by looking through Microsoft's official list of telephone support numbers, found on the official Microsoft website by clicking here.BEWAREBe careful when calling technical support online. Many rogue companies will give you a fake number and pose as official Microsoft technical support. they will then either:A) Gain your personal details and misuse themB) Charge ridiculously high fees for the callBasically, if the telephone number you have been given is NOT on the official Microsoft website linked above, do not call it.

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The most expensive AT&T phone plans are the ones that have maxed everything, be it data, text messaging, voice calling and everything else. They offer such plans starting at around 300.00 US dollars.

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well, if you disable it ten times i heard it erases everything on it. but im not sure. try calling apple. they will definentaly help you.

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