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No, the new BK law now requires a one year waiting period as opposed to the former 180 days.

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2006-04-04 02:41:30
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Q: If you filed a chapter 13 that was dismissed three times involuntarily can you re-file one more time without the 180-day waiting period?
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How can you convert from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 without your spouse even though both are on a dismissed with prejudice Chapter 13?

Since its dismissed w/ prejudice - Wait 180 days and file an individual chapter 7. Your spouse does not have to file.

Can you file chapter 7 after chapter 13 is dismissed?

Yes, but you need to find out if there is a 180 day filing bar. (Yes automatically if there was a Motion for Relief from Stay). If the case was dismissed without the filing bar and without prejudice, then you can refile immediately.

If your Chapter 13 was dismissed and you have paid most of the bills off on your own is there any way to get it discharged instead of dismissed?

No, not without refiling another "13".

In chapter 7 bankruptcies is closed without discharge the same ad being dismissed?

No. Dismissed is essentially incomplete - no resolution...discharged is completed and closed.

What is your liability to harassing creditors if after six years your Chapter 13 bankruptcy was dismissed by the trustee?

If your Chapter 13 was dismissed, meaning you did not complete your Plan, then you are essentially right back where you started before you filed for bankruptcy. The creditors can pursue you for the debts without any legal ramifications.

What is the statute of limitations for dismissed without prejudice in Oklahoma?

One year after dismissed without prejudice

Is a bankruptcy valid if you never followed through?

No. If a Chapter 7 is not properly discharged and closed it is not valid. If a Chapter 13 is not adhered to according to the repayment plan agreed on it will be dismissed by the BK trustee with or without prejudice.

What does 'dismissed without prejudice' mean when you are in bankruptcy?

Dismissed without prejudice means the creditor cannot further pursue the debt.

Can charges that have been dismissed be refiled?

If it was dismissed without prejudice then yes, they can be refiled. If the charges were dismissed with prejudice then it cannot be refiled.

Can a person who had a petit larceny charge that was dismissed be a bail bondsman in Oklahoma?

Dismissed WITH or WITHOUT prejudice? On a misdemeanor - IF it was dismissed WITH prejudice - you probably can.

Dissmissed without prejudice is that good?

Dismissed without prejudice means the court has dismissed the petition, but that the plaintiff can re-file if the circumstances change.

What is a dismissed case?

It means that for some legal reason the court has dismissed the charges against the individual. A case may be dismissed "with prejudice" or "without prejudice."

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