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I recently took a car loan for my son because his credit is bad. The loan is in my name, the title is in his name only. He is listed on the loan as the 'holder of colateral'.

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Q: If you get a loan in your name can the car be titled in another name?
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At what age can a car be titled in your name?

You have to be 16 for a car to be titled in your name.

Can you buy a car in Florida and have it titled in your name but tagged and insured by someone else?

You can have it insured in your name, You can have it titled in your name as lienholder and have it registered to another party

Can you trade in a car to purchase another car if the car is titled in your mothers name?

As long as she signs off on it, yes.

Can you get insurance on a car not titled in your name?

no you can't Its not in your name so you can't get insurance from a car that is not titled in your name

Can a car be reposessed if its under another persons name?

The car can not be under another's name legally. Cars with a loan must be in that person's name. If you bought a car that was not paid off and the loan was not cleared you bought the car and the loan. Yes, they can get the car. That is why they put liens in the car. It prevents anyone from buying the car!

Can a car be titled and registered in one persons name and insured in another in nys?


Can a person with very bad credit get a car loan if they have a co signer with excellent credit?

Yes they can if they have had another loan with your name and their name.

What can ido about cosign for a car i dont have?

bought car with girlfriend they titled car in her name i didnt know this she found out car titled in her name only she took car

What do you do if your daughter has a car titled in your name in another state where she is working but seldom uses the car and instead uses public transportation?

repo it

Can you use a car as a trade in for your new car if the trade in is titled to your daughter and has an out standing loan signed by another person and your daughter agrees to the trade in?

your daughter would have to sign the release documents for her car. As for the loan, whoever signed the loan would still have to pay the loan, regardless. The loan doesn't go away. If you do consider this, make sure there aren't any liens or any other claims to that car, through the bank or other institution.

How do you transfer registration of a car if loan is in another name?

The loan must be paid off first so the lender will release the title.

Can you lease a car in your name and register it in another?

The answer is no. You can only register it in the names of the people(s) that are on the loan.

The primary buyer on your car died and you were cosigner. Can the estate make you take her name off the car loan and do you have to give car back or can you keep it?

If grandmother was the sole signatory on the car loan, and there are payments still remaining at the time of her death, then the Estate will be required to satisfy the loan amount. Regardless of who is awarded the car, the loan must still be paid off in order to gain total ownership of the vehicle. The loan company holds the "Title" in their vaults until the loan is paid off.To remove her name off the loan, you might have to refinance the loan, which may result in a higher interest rate. At any rate, the loan company needs to be apprised of the death immediately, and they may be able to help you through the processes required to re-align the loan into your name.Another perspective: You haven't disclosed the name on the certificate of title for the car. Generally, if the car is in your name (you said it was your car) and you keep making the loan payments, you shouldn't encounter any problems. The estate representative cannot make you take anyone's name off the loan because you don't have that power but they can notify the bank that the cosigner has died. If the car is titled in the other person's name then you have a problem.You have not included enough detail to get a definitive response. You should consult with an attorney.

Can you put another vehicle on your insurance not in your name?

You mat be able to if you have an insurable interest. For instance, your child living at home has a car in his name or you hold a loan on a car not in your name.

What is a title loan?

'Title Loan' is a loan you will be getting of having a car loan on your on name.

How do you register a car in your name if the loan is not in your name?

You can not.

You bought a car the loan is in your name the car is in your wifes name?


How do you put your car loan in someone else's name?

You just can't place your loan in someone else's name. That other person has to get his/her own loan for the car and pay off your loan.

Can you loan your car to your sibling in another state if it is registered financed and insured in your name?

Depends on your insurance company.

Can I get the lien off of a vehicle that is no good and put it on another vehicle that is in my name?

If I have a car in my name with a lien on it and the car Is only god for scrap metal can I put the loan lien on my wifes car if she transfers the car to me.

Can the lender put a lien on another car if a cosigner refuses to pay another car loan?


If you moved to another country but still have a car loan can you refinance that loan in someone else's name?

The "someone else" needs to apply for a loan to pay off your car loan. With your loan paid off, you can sign the title over showing it free & clear. Don't sign off on the title until you know the loan is paid--or you could find that you no longer own the car but still have a loan to pay.

Who owns the car if the registration is in one name and the car loan is in another name?

The entity recorded on the TITLE is or business. On occation, the registration may be different, or the borrower may be different.

Can you change your car loan to another loan company?

Yes, but you would have to get a loan for the payoff amount from the loan company you want to use

Can a bank hold a title on a paid off auto loan because there is another older loan that is collections on another vehicle in Utah?

I have a car that is paid off. The bank is holding the tittle for colletaral for another car loan that was repo. Is this legal?