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Noone can say for sure if a miscarraige will happen. If you are pregnant and experiencing these symptoms, call your doctor immediately. It's not good. Well, it may not be bad either. If you have a tipped uterus, as the uterus expands, you will get mild cramping and Back pain. Having a miscarriage isn't slight cramping. It is like you are having a bad period. Your uterus is trying to expell the fetus. However, if you have bleeding, call the doctor. But you are going to have mild cramping little by little as your uterus starts to expand. If it because severe cramping with blood or so severe you can't take it, go to the ER or call a doctor.

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Q: If you get a lower backache that feels worse when lying down and some slight cramping without bleeding does this mean a miscarriage is going to occur?
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Is it possible to have a miscarriage without pain?

You can be having a miscarriage and not have the pain but eventually your cervix may dialate and you will feel cramping and bleeding. Usually your intuition will tell you if something is not right. If you are unsure go seek medical attention.

Can you have a miscarriage at 4 months without bleeding?


Can you get a miscarriage at 4 months without bleeding?

Yes you can have a miscarriage at any point in pregnancy and not bleed or have any normal signs of miscarriage

Is it possible to get implantation cramping without bleeding?

Period type cramping around the time a period would come is quite common, implantation bleeding is less common, so the answer is yes. answer There's no such thing as implantation cramping you can only get that if you ae bleeding as well

Is it normal if you are 3 months pregnant and cramping bad?

You can cramp in the first trimester and not miscarry. Miscarriage is more often associated with cramping and bleeding, so if you have both then you have more cause to worry. One without the other is less serious, usually. As always, if you are concerned ask your doctor/midwife.

How do you know you had a miscarriage?

The most common symptom of a miscarriage is bleeding; bleeding during pregnancy may be referred to as a threatened abortion. Of women who seek clinical treatment for bleeding during pregnancy, about half will go on to have a miscarriage. Symptoms other than bleeding are not statistically related to miscarriage.1 Miscarriage may also be detected during an ultrasound exam, or through serial human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) testing. Women pregnant from ART methods, and women with a history of miscarriage, may be monitored closely and so detect a miscarriage sooner than women without such monitoring.11.

What is the color of blood after a miscarriage?

* The most common and clear symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding associated with or without pain. The blood color can range from brown to bright red and could be accompanied by cramps. Bleeding could be in the form of mild spotting, persistent bleeding, heavy bleeding and passage of large clots.

Had a missed miscarriage Lots of cramping without any bleeding Pregnancy test is reading faded but still pregnant What can you do to flush out the pregnancy hormone?

There is NO such thing as a "missed miscarriage". You're either "pregnant" or "not pregnant". You can have a threatened miscarriage, but not a missed one. You cannot "flush out" pregnancy hormones; in fact, drinking lots of water only dilutes the urine more.Go to a doctor for a blood test and exam. These will be the most reliable.

Is it normal to have minor cramping without bleeding during the first weeks of pregnancy?

Any bleeding during pregnancy should be checked by a doctor. Sometimes it can be normal but constant bleeding usually isnt.

What are symptoms of premature labor?

Uterus contractions, abdominal cramping (with or without diarrhea), pelvic region pressure, low backache, change in the vaginal discharge, dilation of the cervix, premature rupture of membranes.

What are side effects of D and C?

could nausea be an after effect of a d & c without cramping or bleedingThere are several side effects after having a DNC. Some of the most severe side effects are blood clots, heavy bleeding, foul smelling discharge, and cramping.

Is it possible to carry around a baby with no heart beat without bleeding?

Yes. A missed miscarriage is one example of this happening

Can you have a miscarriage without bleeding?

yes. i went for an ultrasound yesterday and they determined I had miscarried 4 weeks ago. no symptoms or anything.

Can you have a miscarriage without bleeding straight away?

Yes. Some doesn't bleed at all but need a D&C to get the remains out.

If I'm 10 days late on period and I've had cramps backache plus sickness can you be suffering a miscarriage without a positive test or any bleeding?

yes, you also could be pregnant if you've been having sexual intercourse. Please consult you family doctor or your ob-gyn for your health and the health of your unborn. God bless you.

What can cause a miscarriage if you have been pregnant for one week?

Something as simple as a sneeze can cause you to miscarriage. Generally, however, you don't know that you're one week along and can miscarry without knowing that you were pregnant. This miscarriage type of miscarriage can result in some heavier-than-normal bleeding and such.

Is there any way to tell the difference between normal spotting during pregnancy and bleeding due to a miscarriage?

Not really. If you are bleeding, you should see a doctor. It could be nothing and it could be serious. Most likely with a miscarriage you will have pain in your stomach and the blood will be chunky, but not always. I'd see a doctor if I were bleeding any amount at all, with or without pain.

Backache and stomache cramps light brown spotting when i wipe is it period or pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms overlap one another so much it's ridiculous. If you are worried that you may be pregnant, you need to take a home pregnancy test. If you have had sex without the use of protection, you could be pregnant. It does not matter what time of the month it is for you. Even if you did use protection, there is still a small chance you could get pregnant. If you are pregnant, the brown spotting is likely implantation bleeding. The stomach cramping due to your uterus preparing, and the backache is probably uterine related also. But, cramping, backaches, and spotting are also PMS symptoms. Take a pregnancy test.

Slight Cramping is this your period?

Well that is hard to say without any more detail than that. It could be your period, it could be pregnancy, it could an ectopic pregnancy, it could be a miscarriage, it could be gas, it could be diarrhea; there are lots of possibilities that could be from just cramping.

Can you have period like cramps and be pregnant?

You can have cramping without pain. That is Braxton-Hixs contraction. But if you are having pain go to your DR. ASAP. You could be having early labor or a miscarriage.

Is it normal to have a miscarriage without bleeding? is called a missed abortion...I know because it happened to me a couple of years ago. I had no cramping nor bleeding. The doctor did an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. They ended up doing a D&C. Not to worry though. I did end up having a beautiful baby boy in November of 2008. God takes care of his people! We are definitely blessed even though we did suffer that loss.

What is spotting for pregnancy?

Light, pinkish or brown bleeding - without cramps. It is not spotting if there is bright red blood, with clots and/or cramping. Call your doctor to be sure everything is normal.

What are the symptoms of a miscarriage?

You may experience heavy bleeding and a huge blood clot coming from your vagina. Here is more input: * I just had a miscarriage at the end of April. Besides that, I've had two normal pregnancies. I knew from the day I found out I was pregnant that something was wrong with the pregnancy that ended up in miscarriage. I had very light spotting almost everyday. It started light pink and sometimes was brown. I had PMS-like cramps throughtout the entire 12 weeks the pregnancy lasted. I had a vaginal ultrasound at 5 weeks and another at 12 weeks. The first one showed a normal pregnancy with a strong heartbeat. (Although the baby looked like a white blob.) The second showed that the pregnancy only progressed up to 10 weeks and the tech couldn't detect a heartbeat. By the time I had my 2nd ultrasound the bleeding had just started to get heavier, like a light period, and the blood was turning bright red. The day after that I was scheduled for a D&C. Depending on how far into the pregnancy you are they can differ. Very early in pregnancy they may resemble a heavy period. In general blood spotting and possibly cramping could aslo be indicators. Of course the best route is to visit a doctor for an exam. Bleeding and pain are signs of a miscarriage, but they don't always mean you are having one. It is important to see a doctor if you think you are having a miscarriage. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no signs.. I was told before that you would experience cramping and then heavy bleeding.. I had a miscarriage when I was sitting in front of my computer, felt something wet and went to the bathroom with a big gush of blood.. Sometimes it just happens without any notice. I had a miscarriage just a week ago. I knew I was pregnant and was on my 7th week of pregnancy. In my case, I felt a heavy feeling on my lower abdomen and pains on my lower back...I knew something wasn't right. I went to bed and rested...after a couple of hours, i went to the loo and there was blood...i was bleeding heavily until the 3rd day. I went to the doctor and had an ultrasound and transvaginal scanning making sure that there was nothing wrong with my body that might have caused the miscarriage. Nothing was wrong and no reason for me not to try for another one again soon. But as a health precaution, I need to wait for atleast a month before me and my partner could try again for a baby...this is to help my uterus to heal. Even as early as 7 weeks, miscarriage is a painful experience. I still grieve from the loss, same with my partner...and there are really times when it can put strain to our relationship. but we try to move on and stay positive. I am still bleeding, although not as heavy as when it started. My advice is, if you suspect that you are pregnant, don't put yourself through any stressful activities...if you feel tired, take a rest and if there's any sign of bleeding or cramping or anything unusual that cause worry, don't hesitate to see your doctor. I was pregnant with fibroids. In my 15th week, I got a lot of cramping and lower back pain and was told by my doctor that in my case it was normal and the fibroids causing me discomfort and was prescribed some medication. I was assured that my baby was in no danger. I was told that the signs of a miscarriage is bleeding and cramping together. In my 18th week, I went for a checkup and was told my baby was doing well and even heard the baby's heart beat. 3 days later I started getting cramps and lower back pain as there was no spotting or bleeding, I was not concerned and did not call the doctor, early the next morning, there was a spot of blood and within the next 3 seconds my amniotic sac (water bag) burst and I started miscarrying. I would like to tell all expectant mothers that just because there is no spotting or blood, does not mean that all is well. If there is any discomfort or pain please call your doctor immediately.There are a few symptoms of a miscarriage. You may have all or just a few of them. Depending on the length of your pregnancy before a miscarriage will also determine the symptoms of a miscarriage. Some of these symptoms include: cramping or pain in the center of lower abdomen or back, heavy vaginal bleeding that can often include clots or tissue, light straining or spotting that lasts for 3+ days, and a decrease in symptoms of your pregnancy. If you notice bleeding, you should contact your doctor. The two of you can discuss your bleeding (color, thickness, heavy/lightness, etc) to determine if it is normal or abnormal bleeding. If he/she is concerned then an ultrasound will most likely be done.One of the first signs of miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. But remember up to 25 percent of all pregnant women have bleeding at some point in pregnancy, about half of those will have a miscarriage.Bleeding that is a sign of miscarriage can be scant or heavy. It may be constant, or it may come and go. Bleeding may be followed by cramping abdominal pain and, in some women, lower backache. Although there may be other reasons for these symptoms (see "Spotting or bleeding" and "Pelvic pain"), you should contact your doctor if you have any type of bleeding or severe pain in pregnancy.

Can stress cause cramping without menstural bleeding?

Yes. Stress can cause many different kinds of physical pain: headaches, muscle cramps, stomachaches, backaches, etc.

Your girlfriend has been using tampons in a miscarriage and has heavy bleeding after about two weeks What to do?

Your girlfriend should go to her doctor, or an emergency room, as soon as possible.Miscarriage is serious and she requires medical care to ensure it completes without risk to her. If bleeding is continuing and heavy for a long time it may be an indication of something seriously wrong. Also tampons should not be used during miscarriage as it poses serious risks of TSS and PID.