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The best thing to do would be to have a consultation with a Doctor Who specializes in this. It has been a really long time since your tubes have been burned. But a doctor would know what your chances are.

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Q: If you had your tubes burned in 1985 can you reverse this now and try to conceive a baby naturally?
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Can a woman become pregnant if she has her tubes tied and burned and not have reverse surgery?

That would be extremely unlikely.

How can you reverse tubes that are burned?

There is a reversal surgery that some women attempt, depending on the condition of her tubes and age. There is no guarantee of pregnancy following the reversal surgery.

How does a tuballigaion reversal be done?

i had my tubes burned where i could not be pregnant and i changed my mine! can this be reverse to have children again!

How can your tubes come untied?

There have been some instances where a persons tubes come untied naturally. However, in most cases, surgery is needed to reverse a tubal ligation.

Can you still get pregnant it your tubes are cut and burned?

YOu could, not naturally. But you could basically do Invitro fertilization. This would be possible if only your tubes were effected. If you have your ovaries removed, this won't work.

If your tubes been cut out can you still conceive?

Not naturaly,

If you get your tubes burned do you still get a period?

the answer is yes i had my tubes tied and burned two years ago and i still get a period every month

Can woman get pregnant if she had her tubes burned and cut?


What is the difference of getting them tied verses burnt and clipped?

Tubes clipped - Fallopian tubes are clipped and it is reversible. Tubes cauterized (burned) - Tubes are burned (not reversible). Tubes tied - Doctors don't do this procedure that often, but it is what it is, your fallopian tubes are tied. (reversible but with difficulty and lower success rate)

Could you still get pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned 19 years ago?

could you still get pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned 19 years ago?

Can any have a baby after there tubes are burned?

It is very unlikely.

Can you still have a baby if your tubes are tied and burned?


Can a person have a reversal done if they got their tubes burned?

Probably. It depends upon how much of your tubes were burned and how much damage was done. I had my tubes cut and burned...and ultimately had a reversal. I ended up with 4 & 5 centimeters left after the Tubal Reversal, and am currently pregnant and due in 5 weeks!

Do you have to tell the doctor you want your tubes burned and clipped or do they just do it because you just got yours tied and they told you it is not reversible?

I am not sure what you are asking.Ther are two ways 1.They cut and cauterize your tubes and that is not reversible...2. They put clamps on tubes which just sort of squeezes tube so tight nothing can get through,,which is reversible but is a hard surgery and long recuperation.Even with surgery it is not guaranteed that you can conceive..

Your tubes are tied burned and clipped can you be pregnant?

You should torture, behead and nuke your tubes just to be sure.

Can you get pregnant since you have your tubes tied and burned?

I had my tubes burn its bee 17years how or what do i need to do to come out pregnant

Can fallopina tubes grow back after getting burned?


How can a women become pregunaut after she has had her tubes tied and burned?

She Can't

Can anyone have a baby after tubes were burned?

I have had my tubes burned for about 8 years now. I woundering if I have a chance of ever being able to get pregnant again with out any surgery. I would like a right answer please

Your tubes are just clamped how much is it to reverse it?

i just want to know how much in Halifax ns it is to reverse a tubal ligation (i just had my tubes clamped) it was donr aug of last yr.

Can you get pregnant after 5 year i had my tubes tied and clip and burned?

Can I get pregnant after 11 years withmy tubes cut and burnt

Had my tubes burned in 1996 could i be pregnant?

you could have an ectopic pregnancy

Is pregnancy possible after having your tubes burned and cut?

Most likely not

What are the chances of women having health problems after having there tubes burned such as thyroid problemsgraves diseases?

There is no relationship to Grave's Disease and tubal ligation. There is no know relationship to any disease from having your tubes tied or burned.

Can you get pregnant after 8years of having your tubes tied clipped or burned?

yes the tubes cab be reconnected and it cost twice as much as it did to cut them.