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Turn it in?? YES sale it to a dealership? YES, IF they pay it off. make payments on the rest?? Maybe, the way to do it is to find a buyer(highest price you can get), subtract what you can get for it from the PAYOFF on the loan, BORROW the difference needed from another source. Then you can payoff the loan, get title to give to buyer, and make payments on a smaller amount that you can handle. This will have to be done with the LENDERs help. Contact the lender and make all the arrangements ASAP after you find a willing and READY (CASH wise)buyer. You will have to convince the lender that you HAVE a buyer and convince the buyer that they will get title,ect to make it work. Good Luck

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Can a car dealership repo your car if you already have a lender for the vehicle?

The DEALERSHIP won't repossess the car, but the lender might if you don't make the monthly payments as scheduled.

How can you void a contract with a car dealer if you can't make the payments?

Once in contract with a car dealership you are bound by law to carry out the remainder of the contract and make all payments or face criminal punishment.

Why was francis house forclosed on in kit kitterdge the movie?

The father's auto dealership failed and he could not make the payments.

Why would the loan payments be higher on a car that was the same year same mileage but cost less as the SUV the dealership is trying to get us approved for?

It could be that the loan period for the car is of shorter duration than for the SUV. Therefore, the payments are higher, but you will pay less interest in the long run. My question is why is the dealership trying to get you approved for the SUV when you want the car? Since gasoline prices are outrageous, I 'm sure the dealership is trying to make the SUV purchase more attractive by ofering lower paymernts. Do not be coerced into buying what you don't want - try to get a longer loan period on the car if the payments are higher than you can afford.

How much does a controller make at a car dealership?

It depends on the size and location of the Dealership. A small rural dealership would pay a lot less then a city dealer of the same size.

What happens if car dealership files bankruptcy how do you pay for vehicle?

If a car dealership files for bankruptcy, someone will purchase the accounts receivable as part of the bankruptcy settlement. That person or company should contact you and tell you where to make payments.

2 find a car dealership willing 2 take your trade in as a down payment and b able to make monthly payments for the remainder of car?

yes and no

Can the dealership take your car?

If you mean can the dealership take your car, if you don't make your payments. Yes. Usually the finance company will take your car, because the dealership has already passed your account to the finance company. If you have made a deal for a car that the dealership later discovers you don't meet the financial criteria, they will take your car back and offer you a lesser model for deal that suits your budget better.

How do you own a home years sooner without making extra interest payments?

You make extra payments toward the principal.You make extra payments toward the principal.You make extra payments toward the principal.You make extra payments toward the principal.

How do you disable the gps system used to shut off a car by the dealership?

You don't. You signed a contract that states you will make your payments! You don't pay you don't play. Hope they pop the car!

Two Ways To Finance?

Vehicle financing can be done two ways. You can go to a buy here, pay here car dealership that will sometimes report to credit agencies. If you have good credit, you can finance a car at a larger dealership. Small buy here, pay here lots require a smaller down payment and the monthly payments are not as expensive. You have a choice of when you would like to make your payments during the month depending on how you get paid. Larger car dealers can offer specials to customers on down payments and monthly payments. They will definitely make a report to a credit agency, and the payment will be due at a certain point in the month.

How much does a inventory manager make?

Depending upon which car dealership you work for if its a larger dealership your more likely to make more then a smaller dealership. Roughly 50K to 70K

What is the best and nearest dealership?

The best and nearest dealership depends on where you live. so for me I would go to a Honda dealership or a Toyota dealership because they make great cars.

what from do i need to make payments to maryland?

What form is neede to make payments to Maryland State ?

Can you purchase a car if you're unemployed?

Yes, you can buy a car 'as is' from a private party. You cannot buy a car from a dealership for you must present pay stubs to prove your employment and income to assure them that you can make payments.

Will a dealership buy a car if it is already paid off and there is no intention to purchase a car from their dealership?

Some will and some wont. Remember that car dealers are in the business to make money so don't expect to get anywhere near what your car is actually worth.

How can one get a low rate on the mortgage refinance?

There are several ways a person can get a low rate on the mortgage refinance. A person can get a lower rate on their mortgage if they make the payments longer, making the monthly payments be less.

If a car is financed through a used car dealership do you have to have full coverage insurance?

If the dealer doesn't require it, probably not, but you have to decide if you want to take the chance of continuing to make payments on a car that you can't use after an accident.

What type of car hire services are available for purchase?

Types of car hiring services include leasing from your local dealership, in which a person interested in possessing a car would go to their local car dealership and choose one. From there you would make monthly payments on it and in exchange the dealership will service the vehicle up to so many miles that you put on the car. Another way to hire a car would be to rent one.

Can a Honda Dealership make a new ignition key from the key code?

no i do not think a dealership could but you can call there

How can you make a car dealership profitable?

Sell it.

Can you pay off the car at the dealership you bought it from?

The answer depends on who loaned you the money to buy the car. The answer is yes if the dealer does his own financing. I think most dealers arrange financing with a bank or loan company. If that is the case, you make you payments to them.

What kind of payments do you have to make on car loans?

You can make monthly payments or yearly payments. You can even pay it in full if you have enough money for that. It all depends on the company however.

Does it make a difference if you pay extra payments on a mortgage monthly or yearly?

Yes, because the earlier you make extra payments the less interest you pay. So if you pay $200/month extra each month this year, that is better than paying $2400 at the end of the year.

You lost your key to your dodge truck can the dealership make one from the VIN number?

If the dealership has a key machine, yes.