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no you have to apply through the courts to be emancipated

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Q: If you have a child at the age of 15 are you automaticly emancipated?
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Can you be emancipated at age 15 with child?

{| |- | No, it isn't likely. Being a parent, or being pregnant, has no bearing on your ability to support yourself and your child. Only about half the states allow you to get emancipated. Of those most require you to be at least 16 to get emancipated. |}

Is a child emancipated at age 15 if he is charged with a felony?

Being charged with a crime does not make one an adult.

Is a child emancipated at age 15 if he is charged with a felony in Mississippi?

Being charged with a crime does not make him an adult.

What is parental permission?

can a minor in the state of Missouri be emancipated with parental permission at the age of 15

Can you be emancipated in Ohio at the age of 15 if you are financially stable?


Can a parent kick out a 15 year old?

No, unless the child is emancipated. Otherwise, the parent must wait until the child reaches the age of majority (usually 18) to do so.

Are you automatically emancipated if you just had a baby at the age of 15 in nc?

No, the only thing different is that you are allowed to make medical decisions regarding yourself and your child.

What is the age of child emancipation in Florida Lake county?

In Florida, a child that is at least 15 years old can apply to be emancipated from their parents. It is ultimately up to the judge to make the decision though.

Can you get emancipated at 15 in Texas?

No, 16 is the minimum age to apply.

Can a child be emancipated at 15 years old in Louisiana?


Can you be your own gaurdian at 15?

It is possible to get emancipated in some states at the age of 15. Most have a minimum age of 16.

In Arizona is a male automatically emancipated if he becomes a father at 15?

No, emancipation is age 18 and only can be sooner if petitioner to the court and a court order is issued to that effect. Just because a male fathers a child while he is a minor does not make him an emancipated adult. He does have an obligation to support his child.