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i am 12 weeks pregnant and just found out i have a hernia and the pain is getting worse will it effect the pregnancy i am 12 weeks pregnant and just found out i have a hernia and the pain is getting worse will it effect the pregnancy i am 12 weeks pregnant and just found out i have a hernia and the pain is getting worse will it effect the pregnancy

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Can kissing a pregnant woman when you have a cold sore affect the baby?

It will not affect the baby.

How do pubic lice affect a pregnant woman and her baby?

Pubic lice cause itching for a pregnant woman. They don't affect a baby before birth.

Is belly piercing affect a your baby when your pregnant someday?

No. It's just skin. It doesn't affect the baby.

You are 3234 weeks pregnant with 3rd child and left ingnial hernia again and baby breech What will the surgeon decide to do?

Ask him/her

How much can drinking affect your baby if you dont know your pregnant?

If you are pregnant, any amount of alcohol can hurt the baby.

Does wearing contact lenses affect the baby when pregnant?


If a woman smokes and is pregnant does it affect the baby?


Does ecstasy affect the baby while pregnant?

yes it does

Does eating ice affect a baby in a pregnant woman?


Can A Pregnant Woman's Diet Affect Baby's Sex?

a diet can not effect the baby sex. once your pregnant the baby sex is already there

Do pregnant mothers who smoke cigarettes affect the baby?


Is it possible that if you think you have herpes and are pregnant can it affect the baby?

Herpes will not affect the baby in the womb; but it must be delivered c-section or the baby may have serious health consequences.

If it you try getting pregnant to fast after birth control will it affect the baby?


Can a pregnant woman smoke electronic cigs?

No, the nicotine will affect the baby.

Your boyfriend smokes pot everyday if you try to get pregnant can it transmit and affect the baby?

No. It will however affect the motility of the sperm, making it more difficult to get pregnant.

Does Valium affect you're baby if you're pregnant?

Yes, anything you ingest will affect the developing fetus.

If you are pregnant and you find out that the father was injecting steroids will it affect the baby?

I think it would only affect the baby if you were the one using steroids. Discuss this with your doctor.

Was molly ringwald really pregnant?

Yes, she was pregnant with twins and wrote the baby into the script when they found out.

If your pregnant and not know it and then you go get a pap smear will it mess up the baby?

A pap smear will not affect the baby at all.

Can you get tongue piercings while pregnant?

Getting any kind of body modification is NOT reccomended while your are pregnant. Infections may have affect on the baby. If you were to faint due to receiving the piercing, that would cause lack of oxygen to your baby. Also, shock could affect the baby.

What was the year Jamie Lynn Spears first got pregnant?

She found out she was pregnant in 2007 and she had the baby in 2008.

Is it healthy for a pregnant woman to travel?

I don't think plane travels will affect the baby, but a pregnant woman should not stress.

Is it safe to take mefenemic when your pregnant?

no it have SIDE EFFECTS it could affect the Development of your baby

Can you be infertile if you've had a hernia as a baby?

It's quite improbable.

Does your belly button ever come undone?

Not as such , no. It may flatten and even turn inside out while you are pregnant, and a baby newborn may have a little bump from a hernia, but once the Mom delivers her belly button will go back to normal, and the baby's hernia will usually disappear when she starts trying to sit up (doing baby ab crunches).

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