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It's a possibility she could be. She should take a test to be sure.

I think it's referred to 'breakthrough bleeding' which is a common side effect of taking the Birth Control pill; especially when you first start taking the pill.

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Q: If you have a period your second week on birth control could you be pregnant?
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If you get pregnant while on birth control will you still get your period?

You shouldn't do

Can you get pregnant before your period starts after stopping the birth control pill?

if your not having your period you probably are pregnant already

Can you get pregnant the second day after your period while on birth control?

Not if you have taken all your pills. You are 99.5% protected from pregnancy when you take BCP.

Chance of being pregnant while on birth control and having your period?

depends on your birth control, typically 1%

Why do you need birth control?

You need birth control so you do not get pregnant also to thin out your period or help with cramps

Can you be pregnant if you had your period 2 weeks after sex and your on birth control?


How can you miss a period?

By taking a birth control pill or being pregnant

Can you get pregnant if you have unprotected sex on your period and not frequent on birth control?


If you stop taking your birth control because you think you're pregnant should you get your period?

If you're pregnant, then you won't get your period

If implanon is removed and have no period am i pregnant?

If you are not using birth control and have no period, take a pregnancy test to see if your'e pregnant.

You started birth control in April now you think im pregnant?

did you wait for your period to come to start your birth control

Can you get pregnant while on the birth control shot and period?

Birth control is not a 100% way to stop pregnancy and your period makes those chances even worse.

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