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Tingling breasts are caused by a lack of progesterone or estrogen, or too much estrogen or progesterone. Depending on the percentages of each in your system. Painful breasts does not indicate pregnancy.

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Q: If you have a sharp tingly prickly pain in your breasts after the day you had your IUI are you pregnant?
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Do you get sharp pains when your pregnant?

Yes you will get sharp pains when you are pregnant.

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Are you pregnant if you're having sharp side and stomach pains and burning breasts?

this would be hard to say if you are pregnant or due to start your period. as these are often signs of both. however if you are pregnant the stomach pains should not cause you to much discomfort and you should contact your doctor.

Tender breast and sharp pains in stomach?

Tender breasts and sharp pains in the stomach can be PMS or cysts.

Im having a sharp pain in your lower stomach and your breasts are hurting so bad that you cant stand to wear a bra could you be pregnant?

yes there is a possiblity that you are pregnant. you need to take a pregnancy test to find out. or if you want to be more accurate go to the doctors.

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Sharp cramps during intercourse last for ten mins could I be pregnant?

yes. you are pregnant. You are so pregnant even pregnant people will call you pregnant.

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My period doesnt come yet but im having sharp pains am i pregnant?

No you probably not pregnant

Can you have growing pains in your breasts?

Yes, there will be tenderness and some sharp pains. Those are very normal.

What does it mean when you have sharp pains in your breasts?

This is one of those questions where you really need to see a doctor for the answer. Sharp pains ANYWHERE on your body are not good sign. And no one is going to be able to diagnose you with just one symptom, such as sharp pain. If you're looking for someone to say that sharp pains in your breasts are normal, or if you're looking for someone to say that sharp pains definitely mean one thing or the other for sure, no one on here can do that for you. ~ T

How soon will you feel sharp pains if you're pregnant?

Pregnancy does not cause any sharp pains. Labor do later on.

Tender breast and sharp pains in stomach while on period?

Tender breasts and sharp pains are part of pre-menstrual syndrome. It can happen before and during your period.

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What does it meant to have a sharp pinching pain your vagina while pregnant?

What does it mean when you have a pinching pain in vagina while pregnant

Sharp pains and 11 weeks pregnant?

You might have an ectopic pregnancy.

Is it normal to get sharp pain at FOUR weeks pregnant?

No it is not, see your doctor.

Is it a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts have a throbbing pain that comes and goes?

Hello, It can be yes. But a sharp pain is not a pregnancy symptom.

What could be wrong if you have sore breasts and sharp cramping first on one side and then the other minutes apart 7 days after sex?

you could be pregnant and having a tubal pregnancy I would check it out with your doctor immediately it could be the difference between life and death