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clean/replace distributor cap clean/replace spark plugs replace spark plug wires fuel injector cleaner may help, if equiped with a TBI or injection carburetor cleaner for carbs. check timing change fuel filter. replace catalaytic converter. does it smoke. if so what color? (blue, burning oil, black flooding,etc) does exaust smell like fuel (first5),rotting eggs(cat.conv.). does it backfire or diesel ( timing,incomplete burning).

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 14:30:32
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Q: If you have an 89 GMC and it started missing very slugish on take off and almost stalling frequently when your driving what do you need to do?
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if the fuel FILTER is cloged then the car either wont start if it is real bad or before that it will be real slugish especially going up hills.

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Yes, The vacuum advance advances the timing to help on acceleration and also will increase gas mileage.

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Have you checked the ignision timing. Check the firing order as well

What are the symptoms of a bad knock sensor and can it damage the engine?

you will have a knock sensor code and the car will run slugish. when a knock sesor code is set its retards the timing so the engine will not detonate. the easyiest way to fix it is relocating the sensor.

What is wrong with a 1989 Dodge pickup 318 if it idles fine but has a loss of power while driving?

That could be a number of things. I would bring it to a dealer, because they can check the O2 sensor on those early fuel injection systems. The O2 sensor determines how rich or lean to run the engine by monitoring the exhaust gasses. My friends 92 GMC had this sensor go out on him and it went out reading "rich", and would flood out when trying to start, then pump so much gasoline when driving that you could smell it in the cab. Yours probably died out in the "lean" or idle position, and dose not respond when you want to accelorate. Explaining your slugish driving. Your transmission bands, and fluid may be another thing to look into, but really look into the O2 sensor Hope this helps.

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Did you change the fuel filter?

My Buick century 1993 idles good but while driving normal it misses if i stomp it it doesn't miss what could it beI put plugs and wires on and it didn't help?

i just changed the plugs on my 1979 frod 400 ci truck, and i had a similar problem. new platinum plugs, idles good in park, but feels like its slugish in acceleration. right now im actually getiing info on gapping my spark plugs and it sounds like that's what your car needs too.

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1993 s-10 blazer with 43 vortec when i take off it is very slugish like it's losing power to push it then it starts to shake real bad my dad said it might have to do with the passing gear any answer w?

first i would change the tranny fluid and filter. if not the the thottle position sensor may be going bad.

What would make converter was cherry red and now not start at all HAVE A 1988 BUICK REAGLE 2.8 MOTOR 45K MILES I DRIVE THE CAR AND IT IS KIND OF SLUGISH BUT I GIVE IT A LITTLE GAS AND IT GOES BUT WHEN?

If the converter is running excessively hot it's because you're getting too much fuel into the exhaust. You may have a sticking injector or possibly a plugged air cleaner.

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Typically you'll want to change your oil every 3,000 miles, but in most cases the 'maintenance required' light should go on indicating when you should take care of the oil and other duties. Usually the car will seem slugish and not pick up as fast as you're used to, which is a common sign of your car needed an oil change.

Why is my Honda accord 1994 running slugish?

Their are a number of reasons this or any engine can run with low power. The ignition module may be failing. Check the condition and gap of the spark plugs. Look at the distributor cap and rotor. Do research and find out how to read the car's codes and see if those may reveal what the problem is. Fuel injectors clogged or partially clogged, these are just a few of many possible reasons.

Why does Toyota Vista Ardeo D4 station wagon petrol engine just cease at one point?

Scan your engine and I am almost certain you have a o2 sensor problem . the o2 sensor may be slugish , not bad enough to trigger a MIL. scan and see if sensor output oscilation is at least 2 hz. with amplitude +.8v to +.25V. if you gont understand this just take a printout and show it to your repair guy.