If you have bad credit can you get approved for a car loan?

Absolutely! It just takes a different type of lender, one that specializes in bad credit. Regular lenders (like Wells Fargo or big banks) have rules about credit scores. There are other banks that specifically lend to people with bad credit. Bad means anything below about 610 (usually 580 or lower). As an ex-car salesperson in Phoenix I did a lot of bad credit loans. The best ones were always for people who got pre-approved though. Nothing is worse than coming to a dealership and picking out a car, only to be told the bank won't loan you that much money so you have to pick another vehicle! How deflating! Get pre-approved first, then visit the dealership(s) and pick the absolute best car for the money you know you have available. And DON'T let the dealership talk you into pulling your credit. They always think they can find you a better deal (and charge you more money), but what happens is that your score goes down due to all the credit pulls, which only makes things worse!