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If you have been a math teacher in Pakistan what training and licenses do you need to teach in the US?


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February 28, 2013 12:45PM

Each state's department of education sets its own standards for licensure. Some states require specific college courses, practicum, standardized testing, or some combination. Most states require a degree from an accredited university in the field. You need to know where you want to relocate in the US and contact the state's department of education and get an application packet which would list all of the required transcripts, test scores, recommendations, etc. The process can take over a year in some states if a specific test, practicum, or state specific legal or education courses are required, in addition to a background check, but some states will issue a temporary or provisional 1 to 3 year license during the application process.

You may also need to be a US citizen or have other authority to work in the US.