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If you have been in an on-again off-again relationship with a narcissist for nine years does he think he is powerful because he keeps dumping you?

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2006-09-20 06:29:14

A narcissist is a hair away from being an abuser of the worst

kind. They are artists at brain-washing, confusing the person they

are with, and they want to win because it makes them feel more

powerful! They are ego-trippers, feel they are more intelligent

than the rest of society and are extremely selfish. Although they

can love at the beginning of a relationships the chameleon side of

them eventually comes out and it can be ugly. Yes! Everytime you

keep going back to him each times he dumps you he not only hates

you, but hates himself. He hates the fact he wants you in his life,

and hates you for allowing it. It's time to move on hon. You did

nothing wrong with the exception of going back into this abusive

relationship. You deserve better than this!

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