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That depends on whether it is stated in your parenting agreement as to who has the right to make religious decisions. Is it addressed? Is decision making joint? If this issue is not addressed then, yes, he/she can have the child baptised. My question to you would be...why does it really matter? If you thoroughly research baptism, you will find that it doesn't mean anything unless the party being baptised is consentual to it. A parent can have a child baptised with the intention of showing the world that they intend to raise that child in that particular religion, but actual baptism potrays the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord, and symbolizes the washing away of sins. Is your child old enough to consent and agree? If not, it is simply a ceremony for the sake of your ex. If your child is old enough, let him/her make their own decision about this. It just may be the most important decision they will ever make.

• Having "joint legal custody" means neither of you can do anything medical, religious, educational, etc. without the other's permission. The only way to do this without asking is if one has SOLE legal custody.

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Q: If you have full physical custody but joint legal custody can your ex have the child baptized without your permission?
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If you have shared placement and joint legal custody can your ex have the child baptized without your permission?

There is no application of law that applies.

Can you move without getting permission or filing a petition if your staying within the school district and have full physical custody and joint legal custody?


If you have sole custody and your ex has physical custody can you keep her?

You cannot have sole custody without physical custody. If your ex has physical custody, you are the non-custodial parent.

Can you move to your fathers without your mothers permission?

No, not if your mother has sole physical custody. If there is a joint custody arrangement, you'd still need the cooperation of both parents to make it happen.

Can father let child miss school without mothers permission?

It depends on the law where you live and your custody order. If the father has sole legal custody (as opposed to physical custody) he would be able to make that decision without input from the mother. If legal custody is joint or the mother has sole legal custody, no he could not.

When a parent has full legal and physical custody of a monor child do they need permission from the court to move the child?

no,unless the custody agreement states you cant move without notifying the court

Can an aunt remove my 17 yr. old daughter from the state we live in and where I have custody and there has NEVER been any problems?

Not without your permission and the permission of the court that assigned custody.

If your parents have joint custody of you can you move states to live with your Father without the permission of your mother?

No , not usually.Don't do it without permission or you may get your Dad in trouble.

Can I move from AR. with kids and primary custody without ex's permission?


If you have sole legal custody in Arizona can you move out of the state?

Not without the permission of the court.

Can a parent with joint custody move with child without the other parents permission?


In Missouri is it illegal to move out of the school district without the other parent's permission?

If the parents don't have Joint Physical Custody, than no, but there is a 50 mile range limit.

Can a father who doesn't have physical custody take the child out of state?

You can if the mother gives you permission. It is possible she could call the police on you for kidnapping if you remove the child without her consent.

Can my mom move me out of state without permission at age 15?

If your father have visitation right or share custody she will need his permission.

Can you take a child across state line without other parent's permission?

Depends on if you have sole custody if not you are breaking the law greatly, don't do it unless you have sole custody or get sole guardians permission or a court grant to have custody for a period of time.

If you have joint custody can one parent get a travelling visa out of the county for the child without the other parent's permission?

no, even if you have sole custody

How can someone change my children last name without my permission?

If they do not have custody of the children, they cannot. If they have custody, they can apply to a court for a name change.

Can you take your child to a different state without getting permission?

Permission from the other parent. Yes if you are in leagule custody of the child at the time

Can you bring your son to Oregon from California if his father has custody?

Not without his fathers and the courts permission.

Can a mother who is remarried move her child out of state when the father has joint custody without permission?

No she can not.

If i have physical custody can i move out of sate without the permission of the other parent?

That is dependent on your orders, but even if not addressed, the other parent could file an injunction for the child to be returned. It's best to get permission and to establish a visitation schedule. see link

Can you sign over custody of your son without the fathers permission?

No. Only a court can grant custody and the father will be notified so he has the opportunity to object.

Can you move out of state to live with famiuly if you have joint physical custody without permission if you are going to be homeless if you stay?

Yes, but the children goes to the other parent to live while you're gone.

Can a parent who has primary physical custody move out of state without informing the other parent who has legal custody?


Can a parent who has sole custody move out of GA state with the child?

Sole physical and sole legal custody? If the custody order doesn't state otherwise, most likely but that is a question best posed to an attorney or the courts before you move if you aren't sure. If you have sole physical custody but joint legal custody or the other parent has otherwise retained their right for decision making power in their child's life, no, not without the other parent's permission or a court order.