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is that even a full question?

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Q: If you have no brake lights on 2001 ford sport explorer?
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Why do my brake lights and cruise control not work on 2001 ford explorer sport even though all other lights work?

The brake lights are a separate circuit from the other lights. Check the fuses and bulbs. If fuses and bulbs are okay I would suspect the brake light switch is at fault.

Where is brake booster located on 2001 ford explorer sport?

I née to know to

Will tail lights for a 2001 Ford Explorer fit on a 2001 Ford Explorer sport?

Yes any tail lights/head lights, pretty much everything but doors will fit on both ford explorer sports and 4dr explorers between the years 1998 and 2001

Why do your brake lights stay on sometimes on your 2001 ford explorer?

check brake light switch on brake pedal maybe getting bad

If the wipers and most lights on 2001 Explorer Sport do not work but the brake light at the top of the rear compartment door does what could be wrong?

Sounds like the arm and switch in the steering column.

How tall is the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Two door?

The height for that 2001 Ford Explorer Sport is 68.2 inches.

What fuse is for my map on 02 ford explorer sport?

The fuse for your 2002 Ford Explorer Sport is similar to that of the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.

Where is the fog light button to turn on the fog lights on the 2001 ford explorer sport?

The button is to the right of the stereo head unit

On my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac what causes the brake warning light to flash on acceleration?

Check your brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment when it is low your brake warning light will come on

What type of brake fluid do you use for your 2001 ford sport trac explorer?

The owners manual shows Motorcraft High Performance DOT 3 brake fluid

What was the first year of the Explorer Sport Trac?


Squealing noise front end 2001 ford explorer sport 4 wheel drive?

Worn Brake pads. ? needs to be more specific.

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