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If the vehicle is in the body shop for a covered claim your rental coverage will then be used.

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Q: If you have rental car coverage but have arranged transportation while your car is in the body shop can you receive the funds?
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If you have an accident but do not get a rental car using alternate transportation instead is there a provision to reimburse you for the loss of use of your vehicle?

If you are the claimant, Loss of use will be covered if you incurred actual costs for your alternate transportation. If you are the insured, the same applies but only if you have rental coverage on your policy.

What is the average rental insurance?

Please clarify the type of "rental coverage" that you mean. There is, for example, rental insurance available on rental cars, and rental coverage that one buys on personal belongings when living in a rented home.

Does full coverage insurance pay for a rental car?

Some policies automatically include a minimal amount of rental reimbursement coverage, but generally your policy includes no coverage for rental reimbursement if it is not listed with a premium on your declarations page.

What is downtime insurance?

DOWNTIME / RENTAL (Rental Reimbursement with Downtime Protection Coverage)Downtime / Rental provides coverage for rental car costs to temporarily replace an insured vehicle due to a covered loss.

I was in a car accident and my insurance will not provide a rental car even though i have full coverage can they do that?

You only get a rental if your policy specifies that you chose to pay extra to have rental car coverage. Having collision coverage is not the same thing as having rental. Collision coverage just covers the repairs to your vehicle. If you are not at fault for the accident, the other person's insurance will provide you with a rental car.

Can I use the auto insurance coverage on my for rental car insurance?

Absolutely, your personal insurance can transfer the coverage you have on your personal policy to the rental car thus saving you a good bit of money by not purchasing the coverage from the rental company. But before you do this speak with your agent and make sure your policy will transfer coverage to the rental car and that it has comprehensive and collission coverage to transfer. Many company offer transfer of coverage to the rental car but also there are many policies that do not provide this transfer of coverage. Make sure you have the correct kind. If there is any question, please go ahead and purchase the coverage offered by the rental company. I hope this is of assistance.

Save Money on a Car Rental?

When you select a car rental for your holiday, be certain to check into the coverage that is offered by your own insurance company before opting to purchase additional coverage from the car rental company. In addition to your own policy, the credit card that you use to book the rental will also offer some coverage on many occasions

Is it a state law in Florida that your insurance company must provide a rental car after an accidentif you have full coverage insurance and hit a deer?

No. By "full coverage," I assume you mean you have comprehensive and collision coverage. This does not include rental. You have to buy a special endorsement on your policy to get rental. Hitting a deer is a comprehensive claim and if you have rental, you will get a rental if the car is non-drivable or when it is in the shops for the repairs. If you did not buy rental, the insurance company does not have to pay. Check your coverages.

Will the Insurance Company pay for a rental car if the accident is your fault and if you have full coverage ins?

Only if you have bought the extra coverage to have a rental. "Full coverage" usually just means you bought liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance.

Does the state of Missouri require rental car to be paid for under full coverage auto insurance?

No. Rental coverage is something you buy extra. "Full coverage" just means you bought liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance.

Does your personal car insurance cover car rentals?

If you have adequate liability coverage on your own vehicle, this is one coverage you can always decline on your rental. Your personal auto insurance should extend to a rental car. A rental car most likely would be covered by Collision coverage or Liability coverage, depending on the state in which your policy is issued. For more information visit at:

Which of the following are reimbursed costs for a rental vehicle?

Rental Costs. Tax and Local Assessment. Payment for gas and oil. Transportation to and from rental.

Would comprehensive insurance cover getting a rental car while your vehicle is broke down?

No, you would have needed to purchase rental car, or rental reimbursement coverage, unless this was a theft, in which case some policies provide rental car under comp coverage for total vehicle thefts.

If a driver in Georgia rents a moving truck with no rental insurance and damages anothers persons property will their progressive insurance cover the cost up to the personal property limit?

Yes, the rental co has to have insurance coverage even if you don't have one. Purchasing additional coverage from the rental co is NOT a term of the lease of the vehicle. The law requires all rental co to provide their own insurance coverage.

Where can I get Rental Car Insurance for International Travelers?

The rental car companies should have coverage. If not check with your own insurance provider

Who pays or is responsible for collision repair when a rental vehicle is involved?

It depends on the rental contract. Car rental agencies usually expect the customer to provide insurance, either through his own auto coverage policy or by adding special coverage through the agency. Coverage may be provided by the agency, but details must be spelled out in the rental contract. More often than not, the customer is responsible for damage to the vehicle, though in the end, the rental company does shoulder most of the risk.

Can an eightteenyear old drive a rental car?

only if you have full coverage insurance and the reason for the rental is due to an insurance claim- such as an accident.

Who pays for the damages to your vehicle if a rental car is at fault?

It all depends on whether the renter signed up for the car rental company's extra insurance coverage at the beginning of the rental. If LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance coverage was accepted by the renter, you will likely be dealing with the car rental company's insurance. If the renter declined the extra coverage, then you will deal directly with the renter's personal insurance provider.

What services do car rental agencies provide?

Car rental agencies can deliver a vehicle and provide transportation to a final destination when the car is returned. They offer insurance coverage, GPS systems, infant, child, and booster seats for additional fees. It is best to arrange for all extra services when reservations are made.

If the other driver is at fault is your deductible applicable to repairs and can you get a rental if there's no initial coverage for rental?

you cannot get a rental under your policy if you did not purchase that coverage............if you are repairing your vehicle under your collision coverage rather than under the physical damage portion of the 'at fault' drivers will owe your deductible.........your company should subrogate the other carrier for your ded.amount they paid, and any out of pocket money you've spent on rental.........if liablity has been determined you can get a rental from other company as well as have them repair your vehicle thus no deductible......

Do you need insurance on a rental car in Florida If so how much will it cost?

All rental car co. are required by law to carry at least the minimum liability coverage. Purchasing insurance from a rental place is NOT a term and/or requirement, however, liability coverage is very low, speaking of $ amount. You can use your car insurance also. Each rental car co will sell you "an additional" insurance coverage. Unfortunately, I am not aware what the charge per day is.

What insurance coverage covers rental cars or other cars?

I believe that AAA and State Farm do this automatically. But in general, you should be able to get a policy that includes rental car coverage in case of accident. There may be an additional cost to that policy.

Arrange Transportation for Travel in Advance?

Transportation should be arranged when possible at the time a flight is booked. Some companies offer travelers deep discounts if they book their hotel, airfare and rental vehicle together. Travelers that make arrangements to rent a vehicle at their destination location in advance will also be more likely to get their choice of vehicle. In locations where rental vehicles are limited, travelers that do not book their vehicle in advance may be left on foot.

What is the best rental insurance?

Im not sure if I understand your questions. So I will try to answer. Rental Car companies offer customers coverage for a daily fee. Each one covers something completely different. First check with your personal insurance company and ask what they do and do not cover. Once you get to the rental counter they will explain what their coverage covers, then you can make an educated guess on if you want to purchase the coverage or not. Depending on your needs.

What if your car rental insurance coverage does not cover large SUVs is a passive voice example?