If you have several accounts in collections but you do not know who these collectors are how can you contact them so that you can pay off the debts?

Paying off the debts will hurt your credit score. I would first send them a letter requesting debt validation and dispute the account with the credit bureaus. If they don't respond to the first request in 30 days send a second validation request. Start racking up the violations and threaten to file a complaint with the FTC, BBB, and their state's Attorney General. This should help. Also, before you start check our your state's statute of limitations on collecting debt. If they are within the statute, proceed carefully. If not, start the debt validation process. Send everything to the collection agency via certified mail with a return receipt. Most importantly, before you start opt-out of each credit bureau and get all of your previous addresses removed. This will make it hard for them to to tie the tradelines back to addresses.