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Yes. They need your permission. As the parent with full custody you have the right to make decisions that affect the child including trips out of the jurisdiction. You should also know where the child will be, how long she will be away and how to contact the people she will be with.

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Yes they do. That's why you have sole custody. I would check with your local family court to see what the laws are exactly.

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Q: If you have sole custody does your ex or his family need your permission to take your child out of state?
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Do you need written permission to take your child out of state if you have full custody?

No you do not need written permission if you have full custody of the child

Can you take your child to a different state without getting permission?

Permission from the other parent. Yes if you are in leagule custody of the child at the time

Can you move out of state with your child having joint custody with out the other parents permission?


Can you move out of state with child?

It depends on what type of custody agreement you have with the child's father. If there is visitation set in place and you have joint custody, you cannot move out of state without his permission.

If your child custody paper state that the father of your child has to have written permission from you to take the child out of the state of Georgia what does mean if I deny him the permission to go?

That simply means that he is NOT able to take your child out of state. By law he cannot take him out of state.

Can a mother who is remarried move her child out of state when the father has joint custody without permission?

No she can not.

If a child is in state custody can parent sign over parental rights to a family member?

Yes, with the permission of the courts. BTW, termination of parental rights does not terminate child support.

If you have temporary custody of a minor child are you allowed to relocate to another state with the courts permission?

If the court gives permission yes.

Can a parent with visitation rights and shared legal custody take child out of state?

I am pretty sure they can if they have the permission and have custody over some of the child that is shared with the other parent.

Can a mom leave the state with child when separated?

if you have conjoined custody, then you can but you have to get permission from the other guardian. if you don't have conjoined custody, then yes. you can do whatever you want.

Can you take your child out of state no custody?

No, not with out permission from the child's custodial parent and the court. You could be charged with kidnapping and risk of injury to a minor.

When does the sumpreme court meet for child custody cases?

Child custody cases are heard in the family court division of the state trial courts.

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