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Yes. They need your permission. As the parent with full custody you have the right to make decisions that affect the child including trips out of the jurisdiction. You should also know where the child will be, how long she will be away and how to contact the people she will be with.

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Yes they do. That's why you have sole custody. I would check with your local family court to see what the laws are exactly.

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Do you need written permission to take your child out of state if you have full custody?

No you do not need written permission if you have full custody of the child

Can you take your child to a different state without getting permission?

Permission from the other parent. Yes if you are in leagule custody of the child at the time

Can you move out of state with your child having joint custody with out the other parents permission?


If your child custody paper state that the father of your child has to have written permission from you to take the child out of the state of Georgia what does mean if I deny him the permission to go?

That simply means that he is NOT able to take your child out of state. By law he cannot take him out of state.

If a child is in state custody can parent sign over parental rights to a family member?

Yes, with the permission of the courts. BTW, termination of parental rights does not terminate child support.

Can a mother who is remarried move her child out of state when the father has joint custody without permission?

No she can not.

If you have temporary custody of a minor child are you allowed to relocate to another state with the courts permission?

If the court gives permission yes.

Can a parent with visitation rights and shared legal custody take child out of state?

I am pretty sure they can if they have the permission and have custody over some of the child that is shared with the other parent.

Can you move out of state with child?

It depends on what type of custody agreement you have with the child's father. If there is visitation set in place and you have joint custody, you cannot move out of state without his permission.

Can a mom leave the state with child when separated?

if you have conjoined custody, then you can but you have to get permission from the other guardian. if you don't have conjoined custody, then yes. you can do whatever you want.

Can a parent be charged with kidnapping if they take the child out of state with no custody arrangements through court?

If an adult takes a child without LEGAL custody, it is kidnapping-- in the USA, for sure. Depends. if you are still married and none of you have gotten temporary custody yet until the divorce is finalized, both have equal rights to the child and it would not be kidnapping. If you have never been married and the father have never applied for custody or visitation the mother have custody. So she can leave the state with the child without his permission but he cannot leave with the child without her permission.

When does the sumpreme court meet for child custody cases?

Child custody cases are heard in the family court division of the state trial courts.

If you have sole custody do you need permission to take the child out of state?

In the state of Michigan the answer is yes. You need permission from the court to move outside a 100 mile radius of their current address.

Can you take a child across state line without other parent's permission?

Depends on if you have sole custody if not you are breaking the law greatly, don't do it unless you have sole custody or get sole guardians permission or a court grant to have custody for a period of time.

Cam the mother move child of state without father's permission in the state of Florida?

If the mother has sole custody of the child, then yes -- the father doesn't need notification. With joint custody, the answer may vary, but in most cases the father must be at least notified. The permission would be from a judge, not the father.

If one parent gives permission to take a child 14 year old out of state is this legal?

If both parents have custody, you need the permission of both parents.

Can you take your child out of state without your husbands permission if you are married and have no issues regarding child custody?

Yes, if married you have equal rights to the children and can do as you wish.

If you have sole custody in Washington State do you need permission to take the child out of state?

Either way, the other parent can file an injunction to stop it pending a hearing, so permission should be sought.

Can an unmarried mother with full custody take her child out of state without the father's permission?

Child custody laws are different in every state, so it depends on that as well. You could just type in "child custody laws in _state_" and you should have no problem finding it. You would have to review your custody agreement or order if there is one. If the father has visitation rights you cannot remove the child from the state unless he consents and the visitation order is modified by the court.

Can your ex take your child out of state for an overnight without telling your permission or knowledge?

That depends on state law where you live (or country if outside the USA) and custody allocations, if not specifically outlined in your custody/visitation order.

Can a mother take a child out of the state without the fathers consent?

Whether or not a mother can take a child out of the state without the father's consent depends on the custody order that is in place. If there is no formal agreement, she does not need permission to leave the state with the child.

Can mother move to another state with out permission from father when no legal custody?

If the father has no legal custody, but is paying child support, he should be at least told. It's his child, too. The parents divorced each other - they did not divorce themselves from the child.

Can you remove a child from another state if you have joint custody?

No, you cannot move a child out of state if you have joint custody.

Can you leave the state with your son that your ex husband has custody over but not full custody?

With his permission you can.

Does psychiatrist have to seek permission from parent to treat a child?

yes, or state family services.