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The lenders have deadlines, you have dealines, somewhere they have to meet. Its always "bad" to hide a car. It is only putting off the inevitable. Sorri, I dont do 'white Lie" discussions. LOL

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Q: If you have told the finance company you will pay on Monday but they say Friday or they will pick the car up then is it ok to hide from the repo man?
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You told your finance company that you can make the payment in 5 days but they will not work with you Is there anything you can do because they are telling you they are going to pick up the car tonig?

NO, sorry. If the company will not work with you there are no other options but to release the car to them. Another Option Hide the car until you have the payment and you are square with the finance company. They can't take what they can't find. If you can't hide the car, remove the coil wire when you park it. It may not stop the repo man, but it will slow him down.

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If you hide a car from the finance company can they have you put in jail until you tell them where it is?

In most states YES, sooner in some than others. Why do you think you can drive for free? Do what you wish, but it will COST you more money this way.

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Is it a crime to hide a car that's up for repo in Georgia?

That act in itself isn't a crime. However, if you tell a repo agent you don't know where the car is, then the repo agent will report the car stolen on behalf of the finance company (the rightful owner of the car).

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What if the finance company after 8 months never get their vehicle one day the driver gets pulled over by the police will they take the vehicle?

This depends on where you are.If you are in an area where it is illegal to hide the vehicle from the finance company you will get arrested, the vehicle will be impounded and the finance company notified.Added: If you have been concealing the vehicle from the creditor and at the same time not beein making payments, the creditor may well have filed a stolen vehicle report with the police.You have wrongfully deprived the creditor of their property (i.e.: THEY own it - not you). If the vehicle turns up in the police records as stolen they will not only confiscate the vehicle - you could be facing criminal charges as well.

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Can you legally hide your vehicle from repossession until you make the needed payments?

First of all a vehicle repossession is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. The repossesors are notified by your finance company after 60 days if you havn't picked up their phone calls to tell them you need an extension and then if you have they only send your info to repo companies after 90 days. So if 3 months is all you need your in the clear if you contact your finance company after that you can hide your vehicle however please check your state laws because for example in Texas it is legal for them to convict you of a felony but that takes about 6 months also in some states repo companies can get a warrant from the police to get your vehicle even if its parked in a closed garage.

Can you hide a car from repo man in Florida?

Sell it under the table for a cash deal. Otherwise you can not hide it for long. They will find it. Oh and if you do sell it when it is under re-po then you can go to jail. PAY FOR THE CAR! Even if you sell the car and no longer have possession, if the finance company can't get the car back and the payments are not made, the will come after your paycheck in court. Now you don't have the vehicle but you are still paying for it with garnishment of your pay.

Do you loose your liciense if you hide a car from repossession?

There is a possibility that you licenses could be suspended. If you are hiding the car from repossession, you technically are stealing the car. The finance company can contact DMV and have the registration revoked and report it as stolen. Give the car back. Nothing good ever came out of hiding one from the repo man. They WILL get it eventually.

Can you get charges if you don't turn over car for repo?

Typically, no. Now if you hide the vehicle and tell the repossessor that you don't know where it is, they might try to report that vehicle stolen, or, more likely, file a missing property report. If the finance company can't get your vehicle, then they'll simply let the courts do their work for them.

Is it illegal to hide a truck from the repo man in Georgia?

Yes - the truck payments are not being made in accordance to a written, and signed by you, agreement, therefore the contract has been breached. Until the entire debt was ever paid, the truck still belonged to the finance company - you were only the registered owner, not the legal owner - there IS a difference ... a big difference.

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