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Yes, anytime a new two year contract is added on Verizon Wireless you are entitled to a free phone. Which phone you will get free depends on where you go. Online there are several listed at free. Each indirect store usually has different phones they are offering for free. You just have to shop around!

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Q: If you have two people on a Verizon Wireless Family Share Plan and you add a third person does the added person get a free phone and if so what phone is it?
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What family plans does Verizon Wireless offer?

Verizon Wireless offers the family share plan. In this plan, families share everything including data (usually 2GB per person), talk time, and text messaging.

Where can a person find contact information for Verizon wireless?

The easiest way is to call 1-800-922-0204, which is the customer service line for Verizon Wireless. A person can also find their local Verizon Wireless store and ask any representative in the store their question. Also, a person can type in "Verizon Wireless" into their web browser, such as Google or Yahoo, it will ask you your Zip Code, then give you complete contact information for the Verizon Wireless Center nearest to you.

Where can one find information on Verizon Wireless Rebate?

Once can find out about Verizon Wireless Rebate in a variety of different ways. Once can go to the "Your Wireless Rebate Center" website, or ask Verizon Wireless by email, phone or in person at a store.

Where can a person view new Verizon phones that are available?

A person can view new Verizon phones at the Verizon Wireless store and ask an associate for help. A person can also view new Verizon phones at a Verizon authorized dealer store. A person can also view new Verizon phones at a Verizon kiosk in a mall.

Where can one watch commercials for Verizon Wireless?

There are many video hosting websites that have commercials for Verizon Wireless. The main website and most trusted website that a person could go to is YouTube

Where can a person see a listing for the upcoming shows at Verizon Wireless Theater?

The Verizon Wireless Theater's upcoming shows can be found and purchased directly on their website or on ticket sites such as ticketmaster and stubhub.

What makes Verizon's Global Phone different from other wireless phones?

The difference between Verizon's Global Phone and other wireless phones is that with Verizon's Global Phone one can be in any country and still make and receive calls. But a person that has another wireless phone that is not a Global Phone will not be able to make and receive calls to another person if they are out of the country,

Verizon wireless interview question Customer Ser. Rep?

A person in an interview with Verizon Wireless may answer questions about the background in customer service. It is important to have a background in customer service in order to work in customer service.

On a family plan how much will it cost for one person to get unlimited texting?

For one person it is... at&t=$20.00 a month Verizon=$10.00(unlimted to Verizon to Verizon and 500 out of net work) or $15.00(which gives you unlimited Verizon to Verizon and 1,500 out of net work.)

Does Verizon wireless use gsm?

No they do not, Verizon wireless is a cdma network, that does not use a sim card with their celphones. cdma may be overlooked sometimes but it is one of the best and clearest working network, and it provides all the trendy smart phones a person desires.

Where can a person find some information regarding Verizon wireless prepaid phones?

The official website of Verizon is a great source of information for all its products, including the wireless prepaid phones. Shops that sell phones such as BestBuy also offer good information.

How can I contact Verizon Wireless regarding a phone rebate?

There are several different ways to contact Verizon Wireless regarding a phone rebate. You can contact them by phone, email, or US mail. Contacting them by phone would be the fastest way and the ability to talk to a person immediately.

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