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Broadcast it. Dispensing it under water will not create the surface tension needed.


2007-09-27 23:03:35
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What is the water spray for in Olympic diving pool?

FINA rules for diving pools: FR 5.3.10 Mechanical surface agitation shall be installed under the diving facilities to aid the divers in their visual perception of the surface of the water. In pools equipped with an underwater bubble machine, the machine should only be used for this purpose if it creates sufficient water agitation when working with a very low pressure; otherwise a horizontal water sprinkler system should only be used.

What was the under water warfare?

Well, there is no "The" underwater warfare, but there is underwater warfare. Underwater warfare is battle or warfare that takes place under the ocean, like in a submarine.

Where do you underwater weld?

Im pretty sure you "Underwater" weld, UNDER...WATER!!!!

When to use underwater and under water?

Underwater is an adjective used for things that occur characteristically under water, which is an adverbial phrase.

What is a synonym for underwater?

under the sea

How underwater leaves are different from floating leaves?

Well, underwater leaves are under water

Holding your breath under water?

Holding your breath underwater is when your head/face is underwater and you do not breath.

What are some under water landforms that are under water?

their is volcanoes and underwater islands

How do you kill ant nest under the house?

spray with insect killer OR spray the queen.

Why private pools are good?

they are usually under better maintained, and they are less crowded and disgusting. some people do not want noisy pools!

Why is giant kelp forests under water?

Kelp is an underwater plant therefore a kelp forest would be underwater. Kelp is a plant that can only live underwater.

Where do you find underwater snails?

You find Them under Water =]

What are underwater caves?

caves under water! lol

How do you get the under water webkinz room?

Adopt a pet that would naturally live underwater and when you do, you automatically get the underwater room.

What is the best underwater camera for the price?

The best underwater camera is the Sony Sealife DC1400 Underwater Digital Camera. It has gotten great user reviews and is under $300.

What are underwater producers and herbivores?

Under water producers are planktons. & under herbivors are zooplanktons.........

Can volcanoes be under water?

Yes. There are more volcanoes underwater than on land. Volcanic islands start as underwater volcanoes.

What bird can fly and swim under water the longest?

The penguin can swim the longest underwater. The penguin can swim the longest underwater.

How does under water photograpy work?

Underwater photography can be done with most regular camers with a underwater plastic body around the camera or with specific water resistant underwater cameras.

How do great diving beetles adapt to living underwater?

The Great Diving Beetle doesn't live underwater, it is just able to dive under the water. It stores an air supply under its wings when it goes under the water.

Are caverns underwater and underground?

Caverns can be under water and underground.

How does underwater photography work?

It takes photo's under the water.

What is an underwater canyon?

an under water canyon is called a trench

Can Turtles live underwater?

NO! they will die under water to long!