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well you never know if SHES the one lying and is two timing you, but the way to get her trust back is soften her up. buy flowers, take her to the movies, do whatever you can to make her want to stay with you.


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I heard he did, but she cheated on him for over a year. So they broke up

Yes, he does have a girlfriend, and she is very nice. No I am not her, but I've heard about her from him.

i heard he is off and on with his girlfriend but hes definitly not gay!

Obviously, he shouldn't be in a relationship. You have an obligation to tell the current girlfriend that he can't be trusted. If he's cheating on HER with YOU, he probably has other's on the line as well. Have you heard of Aids, VD? This isn't the kind of person you want to have a relationship with.

i HEARD he was with MISA.

He did...but I heard that he was single.

i am confuse!!!!!i heard that mohit married soon with rati padey(nupur). i heard that they are engaged.i also heard that sanaya irani(gunjan) is mohit's girlfriend.

I have not heard of Jay Cutler having a girlfriend.

Breanne Racano I heard it!

From what I heard from her name was shawnti

Ive Heard That Derek Longmuir Is Into His Nursing Now And Keeps Busy With That,Ive Heard He Has Got A Girlfriend,But She Doesnt Live In Scotland

It means that you should tell him you like him, and tell him that you have heard that he likes you in return. Good Luck, and you must be worth it for him to break up with his girlfriend. haha Good luck

I heard that he courted Kathleen Baltazar but I don't know if he succeeded.

I dont think he has a girlfriend. I heard that Takki's sexual orientation is often questioned and because he's With Johnny's agency, I heard he's not allowed to have a gf.

I believe he is, because I heard that him and Ian used to date in high school, and in a Q&A video with Anthony's girlfriend, he was asked if he could go gay for anyone, who would it be, and he chose Ian.

Answer I am 59 years of age and I thought I'd about heard them all, but she cheated because she was forced to? Isn't that called rape? Either this girl is some kind of stupid ,or she thinks you are, either way I'd dump them both, the girl and your friend as he's not much of a friend if he is involved in this and she's not much of a woman if she cheated on you. Good luck

y? (asked as if it wasn't heard correctly or for reassurance) NO? UM??

from what I heard, he is dating Michelle McCool

no i don't believe that is true. i havent heard that. i have heard that he says girl like Edward Cullen, not him, and that he cant get a date. that's a quote from eonline, but i have never heard him say he doenst want a girlfriend.

I'm sure he has. Have you seen him? Yes, he has I heard him say something about a girlfriend was one.

I heard that his girlfriend is a girl called Ayshen Kemal from the girl group Fe-Nix

No.But It seem that Taylor swift is his Ex-GirlFriend ;3 (i heard it from Youtube and stuff)

Alexi is dating Kristen Mulderig. She's not from Finland, she's American.They have been together for a while (some years?)Don't know if he's cheated on her, but he's often around groupies, so who knows.Janne is married to Tiia Mononen.

I heard he was. I actually heard his girlfriend is pretty hot too and works at a bakery.

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