If you just found out that you're pregnant how should you tell your mom if you know she is going to be upset no matter what?

All parents want the best for their children, and a young unmarried woman is not what they quite had in mind, but, it's not the worst thing that could happen either.

Pick an evening when you and your mom are alone. Most mothers have instincts build right into them so she may already be suspicious and waiting for you to say something. No matter how you tell her, she isn't going to be pleased, but women are women and once the initial shock is over she will kick into gear and help you make some decisions. Depending on what age you are (13 to 17 ... very young) you must come to some harsh realities as to whether you can afford to keep the baby, if your mother (and father) are willing to help look after that baby while you finish your education and find a good job, or are you going to have to contemplate adoption.

Once your mother knows she is going to want to know who the father is. She will be angry for sure and out for blood, but the reality of it all is, the father of the baby has a right to know you are pregnant. It is also up to him to help support that baby. If you and your boyfriend are in love and still young, perhaps there is a way you can keep the baby, finish your educations, and then get married. It's up to you and your parents.

Raising a baby is extremely expensive and you won't have any option but to pay the high cost of medical care for this child, not to mention dental as they get older. No longer will you be able to go out and have fun with your young friends, because once you get home from school and onward through the night that baby is now your responsibility and not your parents.

Before you talk to your mother have at least two plans as to how you can handle the problem of you being pregnant and what is to be done with the baby. Remember, before adopting your child out, think very hard about this and the only reason you should ever give up your child is if there is no help available to you to help raise that child until you finish school. Perhaps your boyfriend's parents could help as well. Grandchildren are grandchildren! Take a deep breath, take a time when you and your mother are alone and just tell her. There is no other way.

Good luck honGod BlessMarcy