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If you keep a car after filing bankruptcy can you turn the auto in later?


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2015-07-15 19:24:55
2015-07-15 19:24:55

IF the lender will accept it. they dont always pick them up, it depends on the condition of the car, VALUE of the car, amount owed, time of sunrise in New Zealand, ect.


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The motive of a company to privatize,making a contract then later filing for bankruptcy was to raise cash to keep them a float.

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Can u keep your checking account after filing chapter 13?

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Yes, at least for a short time. But you will have to pay what you missed and borrowed in order to keep it.

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The general answer to this question is no. Unless, the person for filing bankruptcy has not completely paid the bankruptcy fees to their attorney. However, the attorney can usually keep garnishments from happening in that lawsuit if you can prove that you are filing for banruptcy.

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If you buy a used car with cash before filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, How long do you need in between purchase and filing to keep the vehicle if the vehicle meets exemption in a state?

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