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Yes, you should be honest. However, you probably won't get the job unless it's temporary in nature.

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Q: If you know before you get a job that you are going to be leaving it in 3 or 4 months should you be honest and tell the potential employer during the interview?
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How do you rescind an invitation to interview for employment?

Call the employer the day before the interview and tell him that the interview needs to cancelled because of conflict in schedule. Discuss how the interview can be rescheduled. In case of acceptance to another job, call the employer again and inform him of the new job taken.

What is the standard length of time to give an employer before leaving?

14 days

How do you answer leaving employment because of management?

If you are seeking differing employment then DON'T mention your issues with management. If the potential employer hears something that you disliked that your previous employer did as part of their operation and also does undertakes similar practices the potential employer will not take you on. If you are leaving employment because of issues with management consider carefully the old saying "dont burn your bridges". Remember, you are leaving, you may need references from that manager - It could be seen as sour grapes. However, if you feel that you are being forced out then it is wise to seek legal advice BEFORE doing anything. Without knowing circumstances its difficult to advise

Why are you leaving your present employer?

Because the work hours were reduced, or the commute was too long. I have used these before...

Does employer call references before or after second interview?

A lot of times, yes. Most businesses will do a small check before an interview and then a more in depth check after the interview if they like you. The biggest impact I have seen is employers running your credit. You can check out more information on them running your credit at . Good luck on your interview!

What is one of the last steps a potential employer is likely to take before deciding whether or not to hire someone?


Military background check?

A military background check may be done before the interview. Be prepared to answer any questions that the employer will find on the check.

Does a running high-jumper just before leaving the ground have kinetic or potential energy?

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Do jobs confirm your salary and work history after making a job offer?

Such details (wages, working conditions, hours of employment, holiday entitlements, etc.) should be part of the job interview, not stated afterwards. Your education and work history should be stated in the CV you passed to your prospective employer, either at the beginning of the interview, or (usually) given in some days before the employer arranged to interview you.

Is a lab required by law to notify you of a DOT drug screen result before notifying potential employer?

Depends on who is paying for the service to be performed.

Can employer interview Employee about Theft?

Yes. An employer can interview an employee regarding a theft from the company. The employee should carefully review the company policies received at the time of hire and that should be clearly posted at the place of employment. Generally, the employee can choose to have a union representative, lawyer or other person present during the interview or can refuse to be interviewed. However, if they refuse, they may be subject to termination depending on the posted company policy.If an employee is involved in theft from their employer, they should consult with an attorney before being questioned.

Why should an applicant restate the time and place of a meeting in a cover letter that is written before an interview?

It gives both you and the employer a way of reconfirming the time and place of the meeting.

Why should a applicant restate the time and place of a meeting in a cover letter that is written before an interview?

It gives both you and the employer a way of reconfirming the time and place of the meeting.

Is interval before interview in the dictionary?

Yes....intervAlintervIewA comes before I, in the alphabet

How long should one wait to follow up on a preliminary interview if you have not gotten a definite 'yes' or 'no'?

It is best to ask just before leaving an interview, "when can I expect to hear from you?" or something along those lines.Otherwise, give them a call about 6 working days after the interview.

Where can one find jobs that come with pensions?

Many jobs come with pensions. Jobs with pensions can be found by searching your employer online, or by asking about pensions before your interview at the company.

Can an employer threaten to fire you if they find out you have attended an interview at another company?

Legally no they can't as it is not illegal to go and do things within your free time such as an interview. That is why most job application froms include a question of whether you (the applicant) agree for this new prospective employer to contact your present / previous employer now or after they offer you the pending job! Your employer may become unhappy by the knowledge that you were seeking employment somewhere else without informing them before hand. So in theory it depends on how your employer reacts to your intentions of wanting to leave; but in reality it is not illegal and therefore your employer would be committing what is known as unfair dismissal if they decide to fire you.

Are ou likely to be chanded before you have had a ormal interview?

are you likely to be changed before you have had formal interview

What to say when calling on a job application?

Hopefully they would have several jobs to put down. So if one job has a bad reference, always check with the other job references. They also have a service called the work number employers have to pay to get that kind of information. A lot of the big corporations have a service called the work number. It's a 1-800 number that a potential employer would have to pay to get information to verify employment. At least that's what they had when i worked at the law office when i had to verify employment. I think you should ask if they are rehirable. If the potential employee was let go unfairly, then it would be their responsiblity to let the potential employer know beforehand. Like in the interview. It's the employers responsibility though, to hire fairly and give everyone a fair interview or chance before deciding. I think it should be some sort of discrimination for an employer not to hire a person based on their back ground or past employer. Now if they had a ton of jobs and all bad references, then i'd probably not hire them.

How long should you wait before making a follow-up call after mailing a resume and cover letter to a potential employer?

About a week, no more than two.

Can you call an employer early to find out where you stand in the interviewing process?

Yes. It's good to give them a few days before calling them. When you reach them, say something like, "Hi. It's (your name), and I had an interview the other day. I'm curious as to if the position has been filled yet." You are entitled to know if the position has been filled or not, and because you're not asking about how appealing you are to the employer, they do not feel pressured. Instead, they see you as a potential candidate because of your interest in the position.

If an application ask may we contact your previous employer should the answer be yes or no after being fired?

If you were fired, then tell them no. Even if you left on good terms with your past employer, you don't want the human resources department to call and get their side of the story before you get completely through the interview process.

Why is it important to rehearse before an interview?

so that we clear the interview perfectly

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