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The quickest answer to this is 'no', but you can be arrested and convicted of another felony (Felon in Possession of a Firearm) Your right to own or possess any 'firearm' (which inludes both handguns and longguns) has been restricted. You will need to contact an attorney to explore whether you can restore this right or not (via having the Felony expunged from your recored, and having the Firearm restriction specificaly lifted by the Court handling those proceedings)... chances are, you can't. Consider bow-hunting, or carrying a camera while your son hunts. You will also need a non-felon 'supervising adult' to accompany your hunting party and be responsible for your son's weapon. (If there other adult there but you, than you are guilty of 'constructive possession', and it's back to felony time again) Don't be lured into believing myths that long guns are okay, black powder only is okay, subsistance hunting is ok, or that answers from the internet are ok... YOU are the one that is going to pay the price... always ask an attorney whenever you have a question about your felony status... ... and no, I'm not an attorney... but I am a felon...

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Q: If you live in Oregon and had a felony conviction in 1998 and you now want to go pheasant hunting with your son is there any way you can own a shotgun in Oregon?
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How is Oregons hunting?

There is a lot of wildlife, but the restrictions on what you can and can't hunt and how often are much stricter in Oregon compared to other states. There are a lot of deer and Elk in the cascades, and plenty of turkey, grouse, pheasant and duck. Seasons are short though, so if you hunt in Oregon, you have to plan in advance.

Does the state of Oregon allow a felon to buy a hunting license?

Does the state of Oregon allow a felon to buy a hunting licese?

Is an awol conviction a felony in Oregon?

yes due to the fact that the offense is federal.

Can a convicted Felon Own a Hunting Rifle in Oregon?


How long is Elk hunting season in Oregon?

One week.

Can a felon become a private investigator in Oregon after 15 years of felony conviction.?

No, a felon cannot become a private investigator in Oregon even 15 years after the felony conviction. A private investigator must have a clean record without any felony convictions.

How does a convicted felon restore there gun rights in Oregon?

Have your record expunged or the conviction overturned.

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When does a minor in possession conviction come off your record in Oregon?

When they turn 18, just the same as anywhere else.

When in Oregon a conviction for boating under the influence of alcohol may result in losing operating privileges for what period?

one year

What is the minimum sentencing for possession of an illegal short double barrel shotgun in the state of Oregon?

5 yrs

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How do you expunge your felony conviction from Oregon?

You begin by filing a motion with the Clerk of the Court of the county in which you were convicted. For specific information see the below link:

What is the sentence for menacing in Oregon?

Misdemeanor menacing, found under Oregon Revised Statutes 163.190, comes with a maximum sentence of 1 year in the county jail and fines of $6250.00. There is a minimum $500 statutory assessment upon conviction.

Does Oregon restore gun rights after you get a felony expunged?

No. Expungement only makes your conviction hidden from the general public - it doesn't make it go away.

Can you shoot in Mount Hood National Forest?

Yes, you can shoot in Mt. Hood National Forest for the purpose of hunting. Hunting in Mt. Hood is permitted during hunting season ONLY. Like anywhere else in the state of Oregon, you must have a valid hunting license in order to hunt in Mt. Hood National Forest.

Can a class c felon go hunting with a rifle or crossbow in Oregon?

You will need the services of a lawyer for a correct, legal and current answer.

How much is a speeding ticket in Oregon?

A new Oregon speeding ticket law stiffened penalties for drivers cited at speeds 100 mph and faster. A conviction carries a mandatory minimum 30 to 90 day suspension in addition to a $1,103.00 fine.

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