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Call "Pop-A-Lock" and for about $20.00 they will unlock your car. Then, . . . put a key somewhere on the outside of your car where you can get to it easyly the next time.

I'll try:

This is a tough one, as these doors have the no knob on the lock rod. You'll need a wedge. Pull out on the top off the door and place the wedge between the car and the door. Now you'll need a long wire-hanger. (I had to twist 2 together for my 1991 Tempo). If you have electric door locks, its easier to hit the button with the hanger. If not, fish after door lock knob, you will need to bend a small circle shape to be able to grip the straight lock knob.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:55:17
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Q: If you lock yourself out of your 1993 Ford Tempo what is the easiest way to get in without ruining anything?
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