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No. Child support orders do not automatically change according to the obligated parent's circumstances. The parent receiving the support must file a new child support petition or a petition to have the exisiting order amended. The court decides if such action is warranted based on the change of circumstances. In the case cited it is unlikely the court would agree to amending the exisiting order, as the child of the marriage is still being supported by the father regardless of the way in which it is being done.

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Can your exwife get child support if the child is not yours but you were married to her but separated when she had the child?

In many jurisdictions, the husband is presumed to be the child's father unless paternity is established by other means. The biological father would likely be required to pay child support even if the mother is married to someone else.

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Sons exwife has custody of his little girl exwife has left girl for the past 8 months with her mother that is dying she lives in a different state then the girl is she breaking the law?

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