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That depends on what you're selling, how much traffic will be generated, local zoning regulations and city business regulations.

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Q: If you obtain a dealers license to sell wholesale and retail in Florida can you work from your home?
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How do you obtain a Florida meat wholesale license?


How do you obtain a Texas dealers license?

i would like to obtain a dealers license in reside in texas, what is the first step in this process.

What do you need to do to obtain an independent dealer License in Florida?

What do you need to do to obtain a Independent dealer License in Florida?

How do you get a wholesale furniture buying license in Texas?

To get a wholesale furniture buying license in Texas, you must obtain a resale license. To get a reseller's license you first have to enroll with the Texas tax department, to obtain a Sales Tax ID number.

Can you work out of your house with a wholesale car dealer license?

All state require an office for a wholesale license. Many states such as California will allow the office to be in your home for a wholesale license only. A retail license usually requires a "car lot" where your customers go to conduct business. Some states will accept an office, other states require a legitmate car lot and may dictate the size, office space, parking spots etc. With a wholesale license you can only sell to other dealers, in and out of your state. Wholesale dealers cannot sell to the public. Check with your own state DMV to find the licensing agency for your state and to obtain the rules and regulations.

Can a convicted felon obtain a business license and surety bond in Florida?

can a convicted felon obtain a business license and surety bond in florida?

If your license is suspended in Florida can you obtain a drivers license in California?


How do you get a used car dealers license in SC?

What is the prosidure to obtain a used car dealer license in s.c.

How can you get a used car license in Oklahoma?

I can't find out what it requires to obtain a used dealers car license.

Can a felon obtain a car dealers license in Colorado?

Type your answer here... yes

Can felons obtain a dealers license ca?

It depends on what type of dealer you mean.

Can you obtain a drivers license in Florida if your drivers license is suspended in another state?

No you cannot get a drivers license in Florida if you have had your license suspended in another state.

Can someone at the age of nineteen without a car selling location get a auction license?

All of the good wholesale auctions are 'Dealer Only" meaning the person attending the auction must hold a valid dealer license. Most states require a 'car selling location' in order to obtain a 'Dealers License" Check with your local/State laws and Good luck I got my Dealers license when I was only 22

Where do you obtain gun selling License?

In the US, the BATFE issues licenses for gun dealers.

where can you obtain a list of mobile home dealers in Florida?

well.they are 372 mobile home dealer in Florida as at now...

How you can obtain dealers license in Florida?

You will need to contact the state, but first you will need a Used Car Dealer Bond or New Car Dealer Bond. It depends on what type auto dealer you are.

Can an ex-felon obtain a car dealers license in the state of Texas?

In Texas, an ex-felon can obtain a car dealers license. However, the state requires the felony to have occurred at least 3 years prior from sentence, probation, or parole.

Is there a way to obtain a dealer license in California using a home address if the cars never come to that addresss?

I have not heard or met anyone that has a dealers license using a home address. I believe to obtain a dealers license you need to be a "store" where you have inventoty (in this case cars). As a dealer all retail transactions need to take place in or at your store. So having your dealers license address to be your home address does not seem plausible.

How do you obtain an auto auction license in Florida?

First to obtain an Auction Lisence in FL, You must get a Dealers Lisence. To obtain the dealers lisence you may go to and obtain detailed information. In a nutshell you must first have proof of location that is in a dealer district or that you may sell cars like a lot or warehouse. Warehouses are mainly for wholesale purposes, secondly open a corporation in Then once you have the location, tax ID, you must get insurance. Finally you take the small course and apply for the lisence in the State. Hope I helped you out, and Good Luck, The industry is very slow now.

Can you obtain a Florida drivers license if your license is suspended in South Carolina?

Not while the suspension is active, no.

How much do wholesale license cost in North Carolina?

There is no cost to obtain a wholesale license in North Carolina. Once an individual or company submits a Business Registration Application with the North Carolina Department of Revenue office, you will receive a tax use/wholesale number.

How do you obtain a hack license in Florida?

A hack license is a license to drive a taxicab. In Florida, you will need to get a standard, Class E driver's license. In addition, each individual county may have additional requirements.

In Florida you must obtain a new license showing your new address within how many days of moving?

You must obtain a new license showing your new address within 10 days of moving in Florida.

What test will you need to take for your driver's license in Florida?

You will need to take a written driver's license test and a road test to obtain a regular class E driver's license in Florida.

Can you obtain a wholesale dealer's license with your home as your office?

Current law for most states says that you have a physical address as your business address in an area that is zoned and approved by the state for such use. Different states have different regulations on how to qualify for a dealers license. So its a good idea to check with your local DMV to check. But generally speaking once you have a license from any state then that license is good anywhere in the states.