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If it hasn't been repoed yet, try to sell it yourself. You should get MORE than the lender will if they sell it. You will HAVE to do this with the lenders agreement. By all means, stay in contact with the lender and BE HONEST with YOURSELF and the lender. You are in a credit mess that will be hard to get out of.

Is this a short term problem or a long term problem. Are you behind on 1 payment or 2 because you lost your job (long term) or you had unexpected expenses(short term).In the case that this is a long term problem you should try to sell the vehicle or trade down. Remember you may still have a balance to pay after you sell the vehicle. Should this be short term problem ie: laid off with return date,unexpected expenses (medical bills repair bills etc)you should contact you lender and see about an extention or deferment depending on the lender. An extention is where you would move the November payment to the end of your loan and your term will be extended by one payment. A deferment will move your November payment to the end of the loan and add it to your last payment. You will end up making a double payment at the end of the loan. these are 2 examples from 2 different lenders. Ford Motor Credit does extensions and Arcadia TranSouth Citigroup does deferments. Check with your lender they maybe able to help you.

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Q: If you owe 16K on a car worth 8K and don't have the money to pay the balance to the lender what should you do?
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How does a lender get a judgment against you for a loan when they repossess a car?

You owed more money than the car was worth and they wish to collect the balance.

How do you refinance a house that you owe more than it's worth?

Generally, no new lender will allow a refinance in that situation. You should speak with your lender.Generally, no new lender will allow a refinance in that situation. You should speak with your lender.Generally, no new lender will allow a refinance in that situation. You should speak with your lender.Generally, no new lender will allow a refinance in that situation. You should speak with your lender.

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If the lender refuses to pick up the car and still wants you to pay the balance what do you do?

K, you can deliver the car to the lender OR you can look at it. There is a reason WHY they wont pick it up. Does it run? Is it wrecked? Is it worth P/U? I suspect it is NOT. Whatever happens , you WILL pay the balance. Your best option is to make some kind of payment arrangements with the lender. Large or small, send something on a regular basis. Good Luck

You just had a car repossessed because you can no longer make the payments or maintain full insurance coverage Now the lender keeps trying to call you What should you do?

Depends on if you intend on paying the lender any money. Unless you file for bankruptcy they can call your house requesting that you repay them. At some point (saying you owe enough money to make it worth while) they can bring you to court and sue you. I think the statue of limitation for this type of lawsuit is 2 years (if they do not try to sue you in this time period then they cannot come after you ). If you plan on paying the lender, you can most likely make a deal that will only allow you to pay .50 on the dollar that you owe (the lender would rather receive half then nothing). If you do not intend on paying the lender, your best option is to not communicate to the lender (when they call).

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If your repossessed car is worth about 6000 and you owe approximately 25000 can your pay check be garnished for the balance after the car is sold?

In most states, YES. The lender can garnishee the signor AND cosignor wages and/or attach other personal property.

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Who should be contacted for a voluntary repossion?

If you are unable to make the payments on your automobile, you need to contact the company that loaned the money to buy it. They are the ones that you need to work with on the voluntary repossession. You will have convince them that the car is worth the amount you owe. You have to understand that if they can't get the balance of the debt from the sale of the car, you will still have to pay the difference. In most situations, you would be better off to try to sell it on your own, because you would probably get more than the lender would.

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