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If you own a car but are moving how can you lease the car to somebody else while you are out of the country?


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2015-07-16 18:05:26
2015-07-16 18:05:26

Hi J,

You can do that either on your own or through an Authorized Agency or your Legal Advisor.

If you wish to do it on your own, you need to form a contract clearly stating the terms of leasing and duration on a Bonded (Stamp-affixed) Stationery with Approval signature of yours and an Acceptance signature of the party who wishes to take the car in lease along with one or two Witness Signatures.

If you need more secure way of doing then you need to resort to the latter option. ! Feel free to get back to me at the above mail ID just in case, you wish to consult me in this regard.


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I'm no lawyer is my understanding of the situation. While the tenant is alive, they (or the person legally acting for them) are responsible for the financial obligations and the lease is in force. If the tenant is not returning, you should consider terminating the lease and moving out. If it is a month-to-month lease, this part is easy. If it is a fixed-term lease, investigate whether the landlord will agree to terminating the lease early.

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An operating lease does not transfer the risks and rewards to you (lessee) at the end of the lease period where a finance lease does. So in affect the operating lease can be thought of as renting the asset while a finance lease can be seen as a finance option to own the asset.

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Lease administration is the managing and monitoring of real estate while a lease is in place. This includes ensuring rent is received on facilities that are owned and rent payments are made for that which they lease.

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Yes, with court permission.

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