If you pay a charged-off account does it stay on your credit report for another seven years?

It will probably still show up as a late pay, but that is far better than a write-off. Before you pay it off tell them that you got into a little of a financial bind and couldn't make payments but now that you can you would like them to remove any indication that you paid late in exchange for payment in full. Try it, it might work. The Fair Credit Reporting Act establishes a method by which the length of time derogatory information, such as charge offs, can show on your credit report. The beginning is the month/year you last paid the account on-time immediately prior to its' default. Nothing can LEGALLY re-set this date. So, whether you pay it, dispute it, or talk to the creditor about it, the "date of last payment" never changes. The account will be shielded from view 7 years after this DOLP. State law establishes a different time period during which a consumer can be sued to recover bad debts. This time period, called the Statute of Limitations, varies from state to state and by the type of debt. There are certain actions (under various state laws), like making payment arrangements, which can reset this date.