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What should you do to get paid collections off your credit report?

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If the account is legitimately yours, then you cannot legally have it removed from your credit report. However, if you paid the collection account off, it should be reported as paid on your credit report. Still, the accounts will not be removed from your credit report for 7 years.

2008-06-10 16:26:59
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If you had unpaid bills that went to collections can you pull them out of collections by paying?

Yes, once you paid them, then you would no longer be in collections. Your credit report should update to reflect that it was either paid, or settled.

If you have student loans in collections and you now have the money to pay in full is it possible to have the collections company bring the account current as part of the agreement to pay the debt?

once you have paid it. It will reflect on your credit report as paid

How long does a paid lien stay on credit report?

It should drop off after 7 years, but you should write to the credit reporting angencies to report the payment and provide proof that the debt has been paid and this might expedite removal from your credit report.

If you have an account that went to a collection agency however you paid it in full how long does it take for that collection account to be removed from your credit report?

It sticks for 7 years. The fact that it was turned over to a collections agency will make it to your credit report. When it is paid in full, it will say "settled" on your credit report so other creditors know you took care of the debt. Even so, it still haunts your credit report for 7 years.

How do you remove Collections from credit reports?

Good question. There are a few tactics to remove collections from your credit report; First, is the debt paid off? If so, the option I would suggest is to write a dispute letter to that specific credit bureau. If the debt has not been paid yet, typically, you can negotiate with the creditor to remove the collection account from your credit report if you pay the debt (WARNING!!! make sure this is stated in writing before you send any money).

How can you remove items on your credit report that has already been paid?

first dispute the paid items. If they are paid then they should be removed with this step..

Does cosigning a loan go on your credit report if the loan is in good standing?

Your cosigner's credit report should also reflect the loan. In this case, it should show as paid on time as agreed.

If you were in foreclosure but sold the property before the bank took over and should your credit report state foreclosure on it if the loan was paid off in escrow?

If You Paid The Bank All Moneys Owed, And At Present Are Credit Wise Clear With The Bank. Take Your Report To A Loan Officer Then File A Report With The Credit Reporting Company, This Should Clear This From Your Credit Records.

How do you remove a paid judgment from a credit report?

If the judgment has been paid, the credit bureaus (such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) should reflect this in their credit reports. However, until the legislatively mandated time limits have expired, it will likely not be removed from the report.

I have paid my default in full can i have it remove from my credit file?

No, it will show on your credit report as a paid collection/judgement and will fall off of your credit report in 7 years. After you pay the debt keep all receipts and check your credit report in about 60 days to make sure they reported it as paid. Many collection companies never report it paid.

How do you delete old credit report information?

You have to contact the company (by mail)who initally issued you the credit. If the account is paid and closed they should remove it from your credit report, upon your written request.Hope this helps.

How long does a satisfied judgment stay on your credit report WA?

A paid judgment stays on a person's credit report for seven years. An unpaid judgment also stays on the report for seven years, but may be renewed. Tax liens are another item that stay on a credit report for seven years, if paid. If not paid, they remain on the credit report indefinitely.

How do you get paid collection accounts removed from your credit report?

Removing Paid Accounts from a Credit ReportIf you haven't paid your collection account(s) yet, negotiate with the collection agency. State that you plan to pay in full, and that you want them to agree to remove the item from your credit report. If you've paid, and the item remains on your report, go to the credit bureau and dispute the item that has been paid. It's a good chance that the collection agency has purged your record and therefore will NOT verify a dispute investigation from the credit bureau. If the credit bureau doesn't receive verification from the collection agency in thirty days, they are obligated by law to delete the item from your credit report. Only the collection agency or the credit bureaus can remove collections off your credit report. You can either negotiate with the collectiona agency or dispute it to the credit bureaus.

Can the original creditor agree to recall the account from collections who is reporting it once it is paid in full in effect having it removed from the credit report?

Negative entries will remain on a credit report until the required time period of seven years has elapsed. Neither the original creditor nor a collector can have the entry removed, but it can be noted as "paid as agreed", "paid in full" "satisfied" and so forth.

How do you get a charge-off removed from your credit report after you have paid it in full?

You should send notification to the collection agency you paid in full. They will have the status changed. Carbon Copy the credit bureau.

How long does a paid off tax lien stay on your credit report?

7 years, after they are paid off. I have heard that tax liens stay on your credit report 10 years after they are paid off.

Do credit collections have to be paid?

You should pay an debt that you owe, but they can't force you unless they take you to court over it. They could file a lawsuit that would end up as a judgment. They could then garnish your wages or take your tax refund to pay for it. Your best bet is to set up a payment arrangement with them. After you have paid then you can work on trying to remove it from your credit report.

How long does a judement remain on your credit report?

This will stay on your credit indefinitely until it is paid. Once it is paid, it will show a zero balance, but your credit report will still show that you did have a judgment at one time. It will stay on the report for approximately 7 years.

Is it better for your credit score to settle a collection account or pay the full amount?

It is always best to get paid on your account. Once it has gone to collections, the credit ding is there. So, get the best deal you can in settling the account and pay up. Make sure to get a paid receipt and watch your credit report until the change shows up.

How long does it take for the credit score to go up once collections have been paid?

Accounts stay on your credit report for seven years, so any bad accounts will continue to appear even after they've been paid. It will take several years for your score to rise substantially.

How do you reverse a bad credit history after you paid a debt?

You can write the three credit reporting agencies and report the debt as paid. Usually, the debt holder will write them for you, but you should check that this has been done.

How long do paid-off medical bills stay on your credit report?

The required seven years, the entry should be marked "paid or settled".

How do you delete credit mail?

You have to contact the company (by mail)who initally issued you the credit. If the account is paid and closed they should remove it from your credit report, upon your written request.Hope this helps.

If you have no insurance and are unable to pay who pays emergency room costs?

The hospital will bill you for the full amount. This will then function as any other debt in the sense that if not paid timely it will go to collections and your credit report.

Your credit score is 563 and you just paid off 4 collection charges on your credit report how will that effect your credit score?

Not much other than having the collection marked from unpaid to paid. If you are paying off credit collection companies, negotiate to get a letter from them telling you that the amount you are paying is the balance as agreed and that they will remove it from your credit report. Do not pay until you get that letter. If you pay without doing that, it will stay on your credit report for about 3 years depending on when the collection was first put on your credit report. The fact that you paid it already just says on your credit report that instead of unpaid the collection is marked as paid. If you already paid either repair your credit or get a reputable firm in the BBB who has a money-back guaranteed policy.